A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

From the Archives

Robert Loescher teaching an Art History class at Chicago’s Graceland Cemetery

Robert Loescher (1937–2007) at Chicago’s Graceland Cemetery was a well–known art historian, beloved educator, and lively lecturer who taught at SAIC from 1972–2006. During his tenure, Loescher renamed the department, formerly Art History and Aesthetics, to Art History, Theory, and Criticism to widen the field of study and recruit students who favored theory over studio practice. He also developed social issue–based classes that addressed the importance of culture and gender in art. Loescher was known and loved for his Survey of Art History lectures, which he taught to more than 9,000 students over his 30-year career. According to an F Newsmagazine article, “Lecturing, for Loescher, was a whirlwind event of images, associations, stories, quotes, and anecdotes, the experience of which was recounted by almost every speaker of the day.”