Alum Marcela E. Torres Announced as Chicago Dancemakers Forum 2022 Lab Artist

Marcela E. Torres poses with one hand held up to the side of her face and one hand stretched outwards towards the camera and in front of her face. She wears a loose blue collared shirt, and she stands outside in front of tress and grass.

 Image courtesy of Chicago Dancemakers Forum.

 Image courtesy of Chicago Dancemakers Forum.

Alum Marcela E. Torres (MFA 2017) was recently announced as one of the Chicago Dancemakers Forum’s newest Lab Artists. As one of the six Lab Artists who were named this year, Torres will receive a $20,000 grant along with one year of support “during an extended period of creative research and development of new dance work.” Each Lab Artist was chosen for this honor due to their innovative artistic visions and their abilities to progress the art of dance. “These artists represent what is happening in dance, and what dance could be,” says Christy Bolingbroke, founding executive/artistic director for the National Center for Choreography at The University of Akron.

Torres’ artistic practice revolves around creating performances that are sensory, “mobiliz[ing] sound, sweat, and emotional projection” to “provide a portal into the sensoria of marginalized bodies.” Her research focuses on Mesoamerican Indigenous rituals, racial struggles within the United States, and the contemporary Mexican American diaspora. She is currently working on producing a new body of work inspired by the Flower Mountain mythology, “a Uto-Aztecan after life that centers botany within spirit ritual.”