Painter Luke Agada standing in front of three of his figurative abstract paintings on a white background

Courtesy of the artist, graphic by Sophia Salganicoff

Alum Luke Agada's Abstract Painting Featured in Our Culture Magazine

Lagos-born abstract figurative painter Luke Agada (MFA 2023), who was recently featured in Our Culture magazine, is making waves in the art world with his evocative explorations of globalization, migration, and cultural dislocation. Featuring twisting figures and surrealist compositions, Agada’s work gestures towards tangled webs of intersecting identities and unravels evolutions of the human form in art history. The School of the Art Institute of Chicago alum draws inspiration from diverse sources. His investigative yet fluid approach avoids straightforward narratives, employing a wide visual vocabulary to capture memories and a sense of place. His recent solo exhibition, Arms, Feet and Fitful Dreams, highlights the struggles of African migrants to the United States, offering profound commentary on our postmodern world.

Agada’s recent solo exhibition, Arms, Feet and Fitful Dreams, draws its title from a poignant New York Times article on the migrant crisis in New York.