Jeff Koons holds his artwork Moon Phases in front of a spacecraft


Alum Jeff Koons’ Artwork Now on Moon's Surface

CNN reports that Jeff Koons (SAIC 1975–76, HON 2008) has sent the first-ever 'authorized' artwork to the Moon. The sculpture, titled Moon Phases, will be delivered to the lunar surface by Odysseus, a spacecraft expected to perform the US's first lunar landing in more than 50 years. Meant to represent curiosity and determination, the sculpture is made up of 125 balls contained in a transparent box, illustrating the Moon’s 62 phases as seen from Earth, as well as the Moon eclipse. Each sphere bears the name of a significant historical figure, ranging from Aristotle to Virginia Woolf.

In their statement, Koons' gallery, Pace, stated that the artwork "offers viewers a sense of perspective about their place in the vast universe, encouraging profound reflection and contemplation."