Alum and Curator Monique Meloche Profiled by Newcity Art

A woman wearing a black dress stands in front of a painting of two Black people with colorful outfits and similarly-styled afros with both hands on her hips. She looks off to the side with a smile on her face.

Image courtesy of Newcity Art.

Image courtesy of Newcity Art.

Curator and gallerist Monique Meloche (SAIC 1991–94) was recently featured in a profile published by Newcity Art that explores her career, accomplishments, and motivations. The profile discusses Meloche’s cheerleading background as well as how she came to start her own gallery in 2001 after directing Rhona Hoffman’s gallery in the 1990s. As a prominent Chicago gallerist who represents well-known Chicago artists such as Sheree Hovsepian, Ebony G. Patterson, and School of the Art Institute of Chicago Professor Candida Alvarez, Meloche is now known throughout the city’s art scene for seeking work that is fresh and dynamic with a curatorial approach that feels “warm and inclusive.”

“I try not to tell artists what to make. A lot of time they need to work through something that isn’t going to work, to get through to the other side,” Meloche told Newcity Art. “You have to be patient.”