Ale Campos, dressed as Celeste, in repose surrounded by flowers

Alum Ále Campos Discusses Celeste and Drag with Sixty Inches From Center

School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) alum Ále Campos (MFA 2022) was interviewed by Riley Yaxley for Sixty Inches From Center in the article “Celeste Will Always Be the Alt Girl.” In a conversation that weaves between the art and drag world, identity, and the diaspora, Campos discusses their personal work processes and solidarity with drag performers.

Campos nods to SAIC’s Performance program as the moment they learned to intuitively weave together sculptural, ephemeral, and primary sources into their performance practice. Through Celeste, who is more of a personal embodiment than a persona, Campos is able to tap into the femmeness that exists within them. Much of their work interrogates the durational nature of drag performance by creating documentary remnants such as makeup wipes. Their performances also highlight the relationship between performer and viewer, utilizing Celeste as a reflective platform for the viewer to see themselves.