A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

AIADO Graduates recognized by the Schiff Foundation Fellowship for Architecture

Kate Barbaria Tent

Two SAIC grads were recognized in the twenty-ninth annual Schiff Foundation Fellowship for Architecture and twelfth annual Fellowship for Critical Architectural Writing. The distinguished members of the 2017 jury included Ellen Hartwell Alderman, Director of Public Programs, Graham Foundation, Chicago; Claire Cahan, Studio Design Director, Studio Gang, Chicago; Jon Lott, principal, PARA Project, New York; and Dena Wangberg, architect, Gensler, Chicago.

Kate Barbaria Thesis Coat
Kate Barbaria_detail of small made objects

Thomas’ paper presents a theoretical preparation for that precise moment when it becomes possible to practically transform chaotic and violent conditions into creative processes and products. It is a preparation, that is, for architecture when the time comes.

David Thomas_installation image

Barbaria’s Drawings and Thomas’ paper will become part of the Schiff Award permanent collection of the Architecture and Design Society of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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