A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

AIADO 2020 Student Awards

As community of students, faculty and staff in the Department of Architecture, Interior Architecture and Designed Objects we acknowledge and wish to congratulate our students who have been recognized and awarded for their work over the past academic year. In every single instance the work of each of these recipients is of exceptional standard and critical in its import of the realities in which we find ourselves and the critical awareness with which the various projects respond. It is often through the work of our students that we as faculty and our community at large engage with critical concerns and emerging questions – now more important than ever before.

In the coming months we will feature specific profiles and the project work of our award recipients on the AIADO website and introduce and expand the conversation around the practices of our emerging designers, architects and artists who we congratulate for their creative rigor, their deep exploration and professionalism.

Henry Adams Medal
Awarded to the best Master of Architecture Thesis: Rula Zuhour, MArch, 2020

AIADO Advisory Design Council Awards

  • for Master of Architecture Thesis: Rawan Alwazna, MArch, 2020 
  • for Master of Architecture Thesis: Rupali Ekbote, MArch, 2020 
  • for Master of Design in Designed Objects: Rachel Bergamini, MDDO, 2020 
  • for Master of Fine Arts (Architecture): Jackie McFarland, MFA(Arch), 2020 
  • for Master of Fine Arts (Design for Emerging Technologies): Matthew Briggs, MFA(DET), 2020 
  • for Master of Fine Arts (Designed Objects): Sam Link and Tim Karoleff, MFA(DO), 2020 
  • for Bachelor of Fine Arts (Architecture): Raphaelle Satre, BFA(Arch), 2020 
  • for Bachelor of Fine Arts (Interior Architecture): Paola Santos-Desoto, BFA, 2020 
  • for Bachelor of Fine Arts (Designed Objects): Lola Dement Myers, BFA(DO), 2020

Marya Lillien Award

  • Best Third-Year Undergraduate Architecture Project: Cheok Chun Chong, BFA(Arch) Program
  • Best Third-Year Undergraduate Interior Architecture Project: Chaoying Zhao, BFA Program
  • Undergraduate Student Leadership Award: Lily Hernandez
  • Graduate Student Leadership Award: Derrick McCormick

George Little Award
Best Undergraduate Project in Retail Design – Architecture or Interior Architecture: David Tran

Tannys Langdon Award
In Recognition of Senior Undergraduate Work of Excellence in Architecture or Interior Architecture: Noah Miller

AIA Chicago Foundation Diversity Scholarship
Roberto Quiroz, MArch Program

Schiff Foundation for Architecture Competition

  • Graduate Master of Architecture Thesis Projects nominated by faculty: Rawan Alwazna, Shun Nien Miao, Korynn Newville, Andrew Phyfer, Rula Zuhour
  • First Prize Winner: Rula Zuhour, MArch, 2020
  • Third Prize Winner: Shun Nien Miao, MArch, 2020

Schiff Foundation for Critical Architecture Writing Competition
Essays by students nominated by faculty: Angelica Ospina (MSHP) and Derrick McCormick (MArch)

AIA Chicago Chapter Student Award
Graduate Master of Architecture Thesis Projects nominated by faculty: Rupali Ekbote, Ashley Johns, Alba Quezada Lopez, Andrew Phyfer, Katie Taylor