A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Advanced CNC Milling


DES OB 4060 001 / SCULP 4060 001 

Faculty: Seth Keller and Tom Burtonwood

Using Rhinoceros and 3D scanning students will generate complex forms for fabrication on both the 3 axis CNC in the Sullivan Fabrication Shop (SFS) and an offsite 7 axis robot mill. Participants will learn to make and edit complex tool paths using advanced milling strategies. In class projects will include scaffolding exercises to develop skills with software, hardware and finishing techniques. Students will engage with a single semester long individual project using the SFS CNC equipment and a team project developing outcomes on the 7 axis robot mill. Participants will use a diversity of media and digital fabrication strategies to creatively express art and design ideas materially and intellectually. They will use complex spatial thinking, fabrication strategies and problem solving skills to develop successful studio outcomes. The course will focus on subtractive methods of fabrication as a conceptual framework. Participants will use digital platforms to generate, visualize, and present three-dimensional forms and complex spatial relationships. 

Prerequisites: DES OB 3060 or SCULP 3049 or By Instructors' Consent