Three-Step Plan

Our Three-Step Plan

Campus readiness will build over a three-step plan, which is aligned with the state’s reopening plan, Restore Illinois: A Public Health Approach to Safely Reopen Our State, and designed to keep SAIC on track toward resuming modified on-campus work and study this fall:

Three Step Plan V3

STEP 1: Planning

The five support teams will coordinate the development of detailed return-to-campus plans for each department on campus. The teams will meet with heads, chairs, staff, and faculty of each department across the campus throughout the early part of summer to develop operational plans that will allow us to meet the goals established in our shared responsibilities.

STEP 2: Preparation and Implementation

Our return-to-campus support teams will coordinate our efforts and will utilize established operating procedures to implement department-specific plans as we prepare to return.

STEP 3: Resumption of Modified Campus Activities

During step three, over the course of several weeks, staff, faculty, and, eventually, students will return to campus in phases. Even once we arrive at phase four of Governor Pritzker’s plan, we expect that many employees will continue to work remotely, bringing back only those staff who need to have a physical presence on campus. Those who return to campus will engage in mandatory training on the protocols designed to reduce hazards from SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Having completed their work, CEOP working groups dedicated to reopening will disband. 

Restore Illinois

On May 5, Governor Pritzker announced the state's reopening plan, Restore Illinois: A Public Health Approach to Safely Reopen Our State. This statewide strategy outlines five phases with guidelines that all Illinois residents and businesses are required to follow. The first four phases—including the fourth phase, during which schools can resume onsite operations—are indefinite in duration and require safety precautions, such as limiting gathering size and wearing face coverings. SAIC designed its framework to implement the state’s standards as well as other governmental requirements. In addition, as we apply these standards to our campus and community, we will consult with a public health expert. Key metrics in the state’s reopening plan are posted by region on the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) website, with Chicago included in the Northeast Illinois region.

Image Credit: Office of the Governor JB Pritzker