Street Style: First Day of Class Photos

Art is ... confident.

by Megan Kirby
Photos by Greg Stephen Reigh (BFA 2013)

All the world’s a runway: On the first day of fall 2022 classes at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), students came downtown dressed to impress. We hit the sidewalks to shoot some photos and talk to students about what inspired their first-day fashion. 

Thomas McIntyre | Junior

“I have a ceramics class today, so I wanted to wear something I could get dirty, but it’s also the first day of school so I wanted to wear something fun. Hence the pink necklace and the green shirt. I really like workwear, construction workers—really sick inspiration.” 

Anabelle Lombard | Freshman

“My favorite part of this outfit is this tie. It was a gift. There was a guy who was giving out free ties for this event called the Pseudoscience Soiree, where you had to wear a tie. I decided to put it on this morning because it went with my outfit. I think you shouldn’t have to have a special occasion to wear a costume.” 

Abigail Buzbee | Sophomore

“This outfit was inspired by laziness. I wanted to wear one thing that would get the job done. My socks are from a friend—she dyes clothes, and they make me feel like I have a friend with me, going through the first day of class.”

Sui-yi Chan | Junior

“I like my green cardigan. The weather of Chicago is hot and cold throughout the day, so I wanted something versatile.”  

Dylan Benjamin | Junior

“My favorite part of my outfit is how a lot of pieces create something whole, like a giant patchwork. I made two of the patches—the guillotines—and I sewed them all on the pants myself. My main fashion inspiration is an eclectic mix: old school crust punk and DIYers, as well as modern offshoots like MST.”