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Your involvement and participation in sustainability initiatives is easy and important. Listed below are a few ways you can contribute every day:

Recycling and Reuse

SAIC’s hosts a number of programs that prevent waste from entering the landfill. Visit the Waste Diversion page for more information about these efforts.

Other online resources include:


SAIC has a robust biking culture that reflects a strong commitment to lower carbon transit and healthy lifestyles. Many students, faculty and staff bike to campus every day. SAIC provides resources to support their ability to ride confidently and safely. 

Visit the Bike SAIC webpage for more information on SAIC’s cycling efforts. 

Sustainability Programming

SAIC hosts programs throughout the year to engage the campus community in sustainability. From gallery openings to sustainability symposiums, departments across campus collaborate to place sustainability education and behavior change at the forefront. In addition, participation in local and national competitions connects SAIC with sustainability at peer institutions.

Bike Commuter Challenge — SAIC coordinates with the City of Chicago to participate in the annual Bike Commuter Challenge (BCC). During the competition, SAIC partners with local bike organizations to host BYOBike Workshops and encourage the SAIC community to log daily rides. 

SAIC Unplugged

SAIC Unplugged is a campus-wide energy reduction competition during the month of March. 

The academic building and residence hall with the greatest percentage of energy reduction compared to typical use win a building-wide celebration, and a year of bragging rights.

Energy-Saving Behaviors

Commit to these five easy behaviors that further reduce SAIC's greenhouse gas emissions and resulting impact on climate:

  1. Plug all electronics into a power strip and switch off the power strip when you are done using them.
  2. Plug small kitchen appliances into a power strip and switch it off when you leave for the day.
  3. Turn off the lights when you leave a space, even if it is a timed or occupancy light.
  4. Turn off the projector after you are done using it.
  5. Unplug rechargeable electronics once they are fully charged.

Share your energy reduction actions through social media using the #SAICUnplugged hashtag.

Get Involved with Sustainability @ SAIC

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