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Residence Hall Meal Plan

With the introduction of the LeRoy Neiman Center, SAIC has expanded its food service offerings on campus. Dining options include vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free choices.


SAIC is excited to offer all resident students a meal plan. This meal plan helps foster community by providing another opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to gather together. You can meet your roommate, have a cup of coffee with a faculty member, or gather as a floor community while sharing a meal.


The SAIC meal plan for residence hall students will be added to students' ARTICard before they move into the residence halls. The meal plan is a declining-balance program, where students select their food and their Dining Dollars account will be debited. Dining Dollars are accepted only at SAIC dining facilities in the LeRoy Neiman Center, MacLean Center, and 280 buildings. The meal plan is billed with housing charges and is required of all residents.


On average, the meal plan will provide approximately 5 meals per week. The declining-balance program gives students the ability to choose a full meal or grab a quick bite between classes and meetings. In addition, our residence halls are equipped with kitchens in each room where residents can prepare some of their meals.


For specific questions about the meal plan, you may call Residence Life at 312.629.6870 or email

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