Alexandra Bryant

Alexandra Bryant is an artist from the south side of Chicago.

Matt Ford

Matt Ford is a writer, artist, and educator from Detroit. Their work investigates intimacy, selfhood, and spirituality through the lens of lyrics and musical iconography.

Gustavo Herrera

Gustavo Herrera Yepez is a Mexican-American painter and photographer working with universal themes of family, beauty, love, travel and death.

Alexy Irving

Alexy Irving is a photojournalist, curator and urban agriculture enthusiast born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri.

Sol-Symone Johnson

Sol is a queer black woman curator and designer native to Southside Chicago who uses visual storytelling to explore the complexities of [identity].

Kathryn Marie Stanish

Kat is a sculptural artist interested in community connections and restorative justice. They encourage sharing authentic, vulnerable experiences, like the one illustrated in their self-portrait.

Richton Guy Thomas

Richton Guy Thomas is a current docent for the Art Institute of Chicago, conducting tours for new hires to the museum.

Alexiss Villagomez

Alexiss is a Queer, Non-binary, Mexican artist + curator from the Southside of Chicago.