Students discuss mixed media work

Experimental Drawing and Painting ( June 29 - July 10, Monday through Friday)

Create compelling, portfolio-quality artworks using the non-traditional drawing and painting techniques you will be learning in this exciting course. You will be building technical skills by exploring a variety of wet and dry media. Through processes that include drawing on multiple different kinds of surfaces – from paper to plastic and wood to fabric--and include collage, monotype and photo manipulation you will be investigating concepts of scale, arrangement, presentation, and the ideas of deconstruction and reconstruction. We will also be engaging in discussions about the work of significant historical and contemporary artists and art movements who have pushed the boundaries of their media.

Faculty: Shaurya Kumar

Student silhouette in front of artwork

Advanced Projects: Surface and Space (June 29 - July 10, Monday through Friday)

Explore a range of creative strategies used by contemporary artists in this interdisciplinary course. Develop your own ideas while creating strong, portfolio-quality work exploring new materials and methods to expand your skills in areas such as drawing, painting, sculpture, and installation. Create individual projects based on your interests, learn to articulate your ideas verbally and in writing, and develop strategies to produce work that fully represents you as an artist. Presentations and critiques will supplement your studio coursework. This course is intended for students with previous experience and a strong interest in the visual arts who want to add new work to their portfolio. 

Faculty: Claire Ashley