Summer Camps: Tuition and Financial Assistance


  • Summer 1-Week Online Camp: $200
  • Summer 3-Week Online Camp: $750
  • Summer 3-Week Afternoon Drawing Club: $500
  • Summer 1-Week Family Camp: $200 per person

Tuition is charged per enrolled student.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available in the form of employee tuition remission.

Employee Tuition Remission

Employee Tuition Remission forms are due at the time of registration. Take the following steps to register using tuition remission:

Note: A signed Consent Form‌ [PDF] is required for tuition remission students to participate in the Children's Workshops at SAIC; failure to submit a signed Consent Form prior to the first class may prevent participation. Please send the signed Consent Form‌ to

Questions regarding tuition remission eligibility should be directed to Human Resources at 312.629.3379 or

Third-Party Billing and Sponsored Students

Third-party billing is when a company or government/outside agency has established special billing arrangements to cover tuition and/or fees for students that it sponsors. Continuing Studies must receive an authorization from the sponsoring agency before third-party billing can be processed. All billing authorizations—which may be a letter, purchase order, or voucher—must be on official agency letterhead and signed by an officer of the organization.

Payment by the sponsor must be made directly to Continuing Studies; agreements, where payments are sent to the student, cannot be honored. All authorizations must include the term that the authorization is in effect. Continuing Studies cannot accommodate any restrictions or contingencies on the authorization. For instance, if the agency requires transcript information before payment, Continuing Studies cannot authorize third-party billing.

All sponsored students are required to complete either a Children's Workshops Registration Form or a Family Camp Registration Form, and Tuition Repayment Agreement (promissory note) in order to be registered for the class and to initiate third-party billing. In the event of nonpayment or partial payment by the third-party agency, the student will be charged for the unpaid amount. Third parties are invoiced after the class is confirmed to run. Payments must be made within 30 days of billing. If payment is not received within 30 days, the agency and the student will be notified, and the student will be billed for the unpaid amount as authorized on the Tuition Repayment Agreement. Any charges that are not paid by the sponsor are billed to the student. Complete a copy of the Family Camp or Children's Workshops Registration Form and Tuition Repayment Agreement and email to