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Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

Absences Due to Illness

To protect one another, and our larger community from Covid-19 and other forms of illness, students who have any symptoms of illness should not participate in any in-person class or on-campus activity. Health Services does not provide excused absences , therefore students should contact their instructors regarding any circumstances, including illness, which will require them to stay at home. Students should still participate in any synchronous online course sessions and or asynchronous independent work, to the extent that they are able to do so.

If, while at home, a student feels too ill to make any progress on their coursework, they should reach out to their instructors to discuss an alternative plan. Students will be required to engage in alternative work which addresses any content that they may have missed while absent. Communicating with instructors at the beginning of an illness will ensure that proper accommodations can be made.

Extended Absences

Students with an extended absence due to hospitalization or severe illness should contact Health Services (312-499-4288) in addition to their instructors. Notification will be sent to all instructors informing them of the student’s absence. Please note that Extended Absence Notification does not excuse a student from classes. Students will only receive course credit if they have responded adequately to the standards and requirements set by the instructor. 

For other extenuating circumstances, contact the Academic Advising office at or 312-629-6800.