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Art & Technology Studies

Art and Technology Studies

Art and Technology Studies (ATS) is a fine art department focused on the use of technology as an art medium.

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Saturday, December 02 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. CST

Graduate SAIC Days offer prospective students the opportunity to get portfolio feedback from faculty from individual departments during one-on-one meetings, plus learn more about all SAIC's graduate degree offerings, tour campus, and learn more about financial aid. 

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Unlike other disciplines that use technology at the service of traditional forms, faculty and students in Art and Technology Studies employ technology itself as their medium. Works produced in ATS are often time-based, interactive, immersive, multi-sensory, or hybrids of retro and cutting-edge technologies. In fall 2023, the Department of Art and Technology Studies and the Department of Sound are merging into Art and Technology / Sound Practices (AT/SP). New applicants can use this pathway to explore Art and Technology Studies work, Sound work, or both. This new synergy creates a place to explore, critique, and imagine the potentials of artistic production through focused study and interdisciplinary experimentation. Visit Sound to learn more about their ethos and courses.

In its current configuration, ATS teaches numerous courses in, but not limited to, the following concentrations:

  • Creative Code and Machine Learning
  • AR, VR, and Games
  • Kinetics and Electronics
  • Light
  • Audio
  • Bio Art

Contact Us

MacLean Center

112 S. Michigan Ave., Suite 512

Phone: 312.345.3564

Associate Professor and Chair

Judd Morrissey jmorrissey@saic.edu

Assistant Professor and Graduate Student Coordinator

Kristin McWharter kmcwharter@saic.edu

Assistant Director of Art and Technology Facilities

Anna Yu ayu@saic.edu