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Application Fee Waiver Instructions

Application Fee Waiver Instructions

Follow the instructions below and submit your application and supporting application materials, including your portfolio, via SlideRoom for Merit Scholarship consideration by the early action merit deadline of November 15 or the final merit deadline of January 15. 

1. DO NOT click “YES” to the fee waiver application question in the Profile section of the Common Application. Doing so will indicate that you wish to waive the fee to all institutions to which you are applying. 

2. Navigate to the “My Colleges” section and under the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's "Questions" tab, answer “Yes, I have already been granted an application fee waiver from SAIC” for the “Have you been granted an SAIC Application Fee Waiver?” question. 

You will then be able to submit without paying a fee.

Screenshot of steps one must take to waive the application fee on the application website