Randolph Street Gallery Archives

Randolph Street Gallery

The Randolph Street Gallery Archives features photographs, event calendars, posters, and a wide variety of other materials documenting the twenty-year history (1979–98) of an important Chicago cooperative, gallery, and performance space. With a particular interest in social and political issues of its time and a deep commitment to community engagement, Randolph Street Gallery was a critical venue for new forms of artistic expression. The gallery left a lasting impact both locally, nationally, and globally.‌

Browse the Randolph Street Gallery Archives Digital Library for event calendars, posters, photographs, artist multiples, videos, and ephemera. Additionally, you can download the archives: 

From 1986–99, P-Form magazine chronicled the challenging, sometimes entertaining, and often controversial world of performance art. This digital collection of covers and tables-of-content from each issue provides an index to the publication. P-Form was eventually published through Randolph Street Gallery as a newsletter promoting local performance artists and events and grew to become a leading international journal of interdisciplinary and performance art. Through interviews, artist's profiles, essays, commentaries, and reviews, P-Form chronicles the performance art movement during the 80s and 90s, capturing the essence of creative expression that challenged the parameters of the established art industry of its day.

P-Form Digital Library