SAIC Scholars Program FAQ

What is the SAIC Scholars Program? And how does it relate to the First Year Scholars Program (FYSP)?

The SAIC Scholars program is a learning community of undergraduate students pursuing rigorous study in both their academic and studio coursework.

There are two opportunities for interested students to apply to the SAIC Scholars Program: at the time of admission to the school, and after they have completed 30 credits of study at SAIC. Students pursuing the first option are recruited as new, incoming first-year students via the Admissions Office, and they are admitted as Scholars in the First Year Scholars Program.

Students pursuing the latter option must formally submit an application to the Undergraduate Division during the fall semester of their second year. Students must have completed 30 credit hours prior in order to be eligible to apply. Newly-admitted transfer students are welcome to apply so long as they have completed at least 30 credits towards their SAIC degree.

When do I apply to the program?

Applications will open on SlideRoom on August 29, 2018. An email will be sent to all students who are eligible to apply, based on credits completed. The deadline for eligible students to apply is Wednesday, September 26, 2018.

What are the benefits of being an SAIC Scholar?

Once admitted to the SAIC Scholars Program, students have access to selected scholars-designated courses in the departments of Contemporary Practices, Liberal Arts, Visual Critical Studies, and Art History, as well as scholars-designated Academic Spine courses. These courses provide an opportunity for scholars to engage in a learning community with others interested in pursuing rigorous academic study and studio work.

What are the requirements of the program?

Scholars who successfully complete a minimum of six scholars-designated courses will graduate "with distinction." Scholars who do not complete the six courses may still benefit from enrolling in the courses and being in the SAIC Scholars Program, but will not have the designation of "with distinction" upon graduating.

What are the criteria for admission into the the SAIC Scholars Program?

The application review committee is reminded that the SAIC Scholars Program is intended for students seeking rigor in the classroom. Applications are weighted as follows:


30%—Individual Statement

30%—Writing Sample

What is the criteria for a course to be designated for scholars?

Criteria for Scholars courses currently is that they initially be limited to Scholars only, to enable the building of a community and a critical dialogue around that community. If a class is under enrolled with fewer than nine students the course may open for other students to apply for permission to enter.

I was admitted into the SAIC Scholars Program after 30 credits of coursework. Can I use courses that I've already taken to count toward the six scholars-designated courses needed for graduation with distinction?

No, we cannot retroactively give credit for coursework completed before acceptance into the Scholars Program. Also, see the above question about criteria for scholars-designated courses.

How can I apply to the SAIC Scholars Program?

Continuing students who are interested in applying to the SAIC Scholars Program must formally submit an application to the Undergraduate Division during the fall semester of their second year.

Applicants must have completed 30 credit hours by the time they apply to become a Scholar.

Applications for the 2017–18 academic year are open until September 27, 2017. Please check back in August 2018 for information about the 2018–19 application cycle. The application will become available in August 2018, with an early October deadline and November notifications.

How can I get more information about the SAIC Scholars Program?

Please check back to the SAIC Scholars webpage for information on the program and for a list of current scholars course offerings. This list will be kept as up to date as possible.

You may also contact Paul Jackson, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, at or you may contact your Academic Advisor.