Campus Offices

Multicultural Affairs Multicultural Affairs' focus is to cultivate a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive community that continues beyond the classroom space. Multicultural Affairs values the rich diversity of the community, and believes that meaningful dialogue with others will enrich the student learning experience, encourage their development as artists, and realize their role as creatives in a global context. 

International Affairs The Office of International Affairs houses both International Student Services, providing advising and resources to our international student population, and Study Abroad/Off-Campus, assisting students in pursuing wide-ranging educational experiences outside Chicago.

Disability and Learning Resource Center The mission of the Disability and Learning Resource Center (DLRC) is to support a universally accessible educational community that fosters full participation and contribution of every member. The DLRC carries out its mission by delivering innovative and high-quality services to SAIC students with disabilities and by facilitating and advocating for reasonable accommodations so that students have equal access to all programs, activities, and services of the institution.

Wellness Center The Wellness Center supports students of all cultural backgrounds who are struggling with physical or emotional needs during their education. The Wellness Center provides support to students through three distinct services: Counseling Services, the Disability and Learning Resource Center, and Health Services.

Academic and Faculty Resources

Research Guide Compiled by the Faculty Senate Diversity Committee, this guide contains important writings on diversity issues. Use this resource to broaden your understanding and research of historically underrepresented ideas and communities. If you do not find a resource in our library's collection, request it and help us to create a more inclusive collection.

Suggestions for the First Day of Class‌ [PDF] To promote inclusiveness in the classroom, SAIC faculty have submitted some suggestions for first day of class activities. The goal is to establish a respectful classroom community from the initial class meeting onward that promotes discussion of identity, difference, and diversity in our school community.

Inclusive Pedagogy Framework  is meant to help us consider our choices around both the content we teach and the means through which we deliver it.