Long-Range Planning


At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s (SAIC) operations were informed by our state-mandated Campus Emergency Operations Plan, where working groups were established to manage the significant challenges presented to the health and safety of our community and to our teaching mission.  

The immediate crisis response work has now subsided, and it is critical that we engage in longer-term planning for our post-pandemic future. The objective of the long-range planning is to ensure that our structures and resource allocations advance our core mission and values, while attending to our financial realities and opportunities. Wherever possible, the planning should build on the previously approved initiatives of our 2019 strategic plan, NEXT.

Long-Range Planning Steering Committee

With approval from the Faculty Business Senate (FBS) and SAIC’s president, the long-range planning process will be overseen by an expanded Academic Steering Committee (ASC).

ASC is a Faculty Handbook-defined body that brings faculty and administrators together to oversee and approve School policies. As described in the handbook, ASC includes: provost, dean of faculty, dean of undergraduate studies, dean of graduate studies, vice president of finance, vice president of student affairs, chair of faculty, chair of FBS, and two elected faculty representatives-at-large. For the purposes of long-range planning, additional members will include: director of diversity, equity, and inclusion for academic affairs; vice president for campus operations; lecture representative; and a part-time liaison representative.

ASC will approve planning processes developed by each of the long-range planning groups, have group chairs make reports, make recommendations to the groups, review and approve final group recommendations, and forward its own recommendations to the president.