Artists, Designers, and Scholars as Teachers

SAIC’s faculty members are artists, designers, scholars, influencers, and innovators. They are mentors and educators, but equally, peers and collaborators. Our faculty offer real-world insight because they are experienced practitioners who have been in your position before.

They know what it’s like to re-evaluate their work and explore the idea of being an artist, a designer, and a scholar. And they are passionate about informing the process from conception to execution through unabashed discourse and critique.

See for Yourself

Watch the videos below to see some of our noted faculty members talk about their work, their teaching philosophy, and what makes SAIC a unique place to study art and design. 



Faculty Quick Facts

2013–14 SAIC Degree Program Faculty

153 Full-time faculty
615 Part-time faculty

768 total faculty in fall and spring semesters

Faculty Breakdown by Position

153 Full-time faculty

59 Professors
50 Associate Professors
36 Assistant Professors
8 Full-time Visiting Artists

164 Adjunct (ranked) part-time faculty

34 Adjunct Professors
62 Adjunct Associate Professors
68 Adjunct Assistant Professors

451 Instructors (unranked) part-time faculty