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The School of the Art Institute of Chicago's (SAIC) Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) with an Emphasis in Art Education program prepares teacher candidates to become critical teachers of contemporary art and visual culture. The BFA with an Emphasis in Art Education meets the current requirements for the State of Illinois K–12 Visual Arts Professional Educator License. BFA with an Emphasis in Art Education graduates are informed and engaged artists, teachers, citizens, creators, and community activists. With this degree, candidates enter the field ready to teach art in schools and to foster empowering and meaningful participation in democratic life for all of their students.

Critical Citizenship in Visual Culture

SAIC's teacher preparation program believes that the creation and critical analysis of visual culture is important for all students, and our teacher candidates will be prepared to use a range of media, including current technologies, to teach all students these skills. 

Please refer to our Conceptual Framework [PDF] for a complete description of the program’s mission and vision. 

Title II Information

Below are links to the SAIC Department of Art Education's recent Title II reports. The following information is provided in accordance with Title II of the Higher Education Act, section 207(f)(2):

Annual Title II Reports

2009–10 Title II Report [PDF]
2010–11 Title II Report [PDF]
2011–12 Title II Report [PDF]
2012–13 Title II Report [PDF]
2013–14 Title II Report [PDF]

Interested in learning more?

Please refer to the BFA with an Emphasis in Art Education Program Guide [PDF] for for a comprehensive list of program requirements. Please complete the BFA with an Emphasis in Art Education Application ‌ [PDF]. Visit the Department of Art Education‌ website for information on the curriculum, faculty, and resources offered through the department.

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