Leave of Absence and Reinstatement

Leave of Absence (LOA)

Students who completely withdraw from courses, or who complete a major academic semester (fall/spring) but voluntarily choose not to enroll in the next major academic semester (fall/spring) will be placed in one of the following categories:

Student Requested Leave of Absence (LOA)
A student voluntarily leaves SAIC and intends to be away at least one full semester before returning.

What a Student Requested Leave of Absence Leave of Absence Provides: A student who completes the LOA process is eligible to re-enroll at SAIC within one (graduate students) or five (undergraduate students) years of the date that they began their Leave. Please Undergraduate or Graduate to the left for more information regarding the process for Leave of Absence and Return from Leave of Absence.

Student Requested Discontinuation from SAIC
If a student plans to voluntarily leave SAIC and does not plan to return at any point in the future, the student needs to meet with an Academic Advisor (for undergraduate students) or Department Representative (for graduate students) for an exit interview and submit a Leave of Absence form, and check the appropriate box to note they will not be returning to SAIC in the future.

A student who wishes to return to SAIC after completing the Student Requested Discontinuation will need to re-apply. As such, when there is any uncertainty, opting for a voluntary Leave of Absence is strongly recommended.

Administrative Leave of Absence
A student who voluntarily leaves SAIC either during the semester or between semesters, is not enrolled for the next major semester, and does not request to be placed on LOA or to be discontinued from SAIC will be placed on Administrative Leave of Absence. A student on Administrative Leave of Absence must appeal to the Academic Review Board, which at its discretion, may grant the student's request for reinstatement.

Newly-Arrived Students
Any new student leaving before the end of the add/drop period during their first semester should contact the Admissions office for assistance. Academic Advising will also help connect such students to Admissions when appropriate.