Off-Campus Study Requirements

At SAIC, we encourage students to think beyond our campus into the communities where art and design lives and breathes. We encourage students to venture out, explore, and take in every possible thing they can. 

Off-campus study options include classes designed to bring students into direct dialogue with communities and contexts beyond SAIC, art-related internships arranged through the Cooperative Education Internship Program, SAIC-sponsored study trips, summer courses at Ox-Bow, and selected study abroad/exchange programs with whom SAIC maintains exchange agreements.

All incoming undergraduate students are required to complete six credits of off-campus study toward their degree. Courses that satisfy the off-campus requirement typically also satisfy degree requirements for studio, liberal arts, and/or art history credit, and may be taken at any time during the sophomore, junior, or senior years.

Consultation with an academic advisor is recommended to confirm course selections that fulfill the off-campus study requirement.

Transfer students who are awarded 12 total transfer credits are required to complete three credits of off-campus study requirements, and transfer students who are awarded 36 credits are waived from this requirement.