Changing your Degree

Program Change

Students may elect to change their Program of Study during their educational career at SAIC under certain circumstances:

Changing to Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Program

Students changing into the BFA program must receive authorization from either the Assistant Dean of Academic Advising or the Assistant Director of Academic Advising.

Changing to non-BFA Degree Program

Any student wishing to change into the Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Critical Studies, Bachelor of Interior Architecture, BFA in Writing, Bachelor of Arts in Art History, or BFA in Art Education degree program must receive authorization from that department's Program Director (or their designee). Students should submit a Program Change form to the Program Director or designee and may be asked to meet in person to evaluate their request or submit additional application materials.

Once authorized, students may submit their signed Program Change Form to the Registration and Records office. International students seeking a program change must also receive authorization in advance from the International Affairs office.

Note: Changing programs during your SAIC career may lead to a re-attribution of credits already completed. Academic Advising strongly encourages all students to meet with an academic advisor before making any decision to change programs to review their degree progress, courses taken, and how those courses may or may not count towards their new program.

Program Change Form‌ [PDF]