Class Registration

How to Register for Classes

STEP 1: Look at course offerings for the upcoming semester to plan your schedule.

You can search courses right on this website. Visit the Courses page to search for classes by instructor name, department, and/or area of study.


STEP 2: Read course descriptions.

Click the course name to see what the course is about.‌


STEP 3: Check your enrollment date and time on SAIC Self-Service.

An enrollment date is an assigned date specific to each student and cannot be changed. This is the starting date and time that you can enroll in classes.‌

You can find your enrollment date by going to Self-Service from the Current Students Dashboard.

Next, click on Self-Service in the menu bar on the left.‌

Log in to Self-Service using your ID and password. 

This brings you to your Student Center where you can check holds, find enrollment dates, and search and register for classes. On the right-hand side, you will see a panel titled Enrollment Dates. Click details to look up your enrollment date for the upcoming semester.


STEP 4: Search for classes and put them in your shopping cart.

To enroll in classes, begin by clicking Search to find the classes you want to take.

The search tab allows you to look up classes based on day offered, subject, course number, and more. Fill in your desired categories making sure you search for the right term. Then, click Search.

Next, scroll through the options that appear. When you find your desired class, click Select Class.

To add a class to your shopping cart, click Next. Adding a class to your shopping cart, does NOT mean you are enrolled in the class. You need to add all your course selections to your shopping cart and wait until your enrollment date to enroll. Many students find it helpful to put some back-up choices in their shopping carts in case their first choices are full by the time they enroll.‌

A confirmation message will appear that you have successfully put the class in your shopping cart. You can review what classes you have added by clicking on Show All in the shopping cart panel. 


STEP 5: Enroll in classes on your enrollment date.

To enroll in your selected classes, select Plan and then "shopping cart." Your list of classes will appear. Check the box of each class you would like to enroll in and click Enroll. A green circle means the class is open for enrollment and a blue square means the class is already full.


After clicking Enroll, the next screen will ask you to finish your enrollment. Click the Finish Enrollment to officially be enrolled in the class.‌


FINAL STEP: Review your class schedule.

Click Enroll and then My Class Schedule to review your classes. If you find an error, you can add and drop classes until the semester begins.