Class Progress Reports

Faculty communicate with students in a variety of ways. Class Progress Reports (CPRs) are a specific type of email communication that faculty use to give students feedback about their class performance. These communications give a real-time update of class progress and can help you understand what you need to do to stay on track or get back on track.

Receiving a CPR

Students often receive CPRs from faculty regarding absences, tardiness (arriving late to class), missed assignments, class participation, and concerns related to overall class performance.

Check your SAIC email at least once a day to make sure you are receiving all communications from your faculty, and make sure to look for any CPRs. Whenever you receive a CPR from your faculty, use the opportunity to have a conversation with them. Email your faculty for feedback and update them on your plans to address the concerns outlined in the CPR. 

Talk to Your Academic Advisor

You should also talk to your academic advisor about CPRs you receive. You may be feeling frustrated with your class, or unsure how to respond. Copy your academic advisor on emails as well so they know what is going on. Your advisor can help. 

Do not be concerned if your academic advisor contacts you after you receive a CPR—we are just trying to help. Sometimes your advisor may contact you because he or she is concerned and wants to help with the issues listed in the CPR. Advisors regularly check in with students and these conversations play an essential role in an SAIC education.

You are responsible for knowing how you are doing in each class. CPRs are just one possible way that faculty may communicate with you about your status in class. Some faculty may prefer using other methods. It all goes back to communication—do so early and often with all your faculty. 

Be active! The big trap students often fall into is avoiding or ignoring CPRs. Use the CPR information to create solutions and communicate early and often with faculty and advisors.

Example CPR Email

July 08, 2013
Rene Saldana - 0396450 

Dear Rene, 
You are receiving this email because I've issued the following Class Progress Report regarding our Summer 2013 Class: PTDW 4010 Advanced Painting Residency. 

I have issued this Class Progress Report because: 

- You are in Danger of Failing.  - You have an excess of absences or tardies. 

Additional Info/Comments: 

I recommend that you:  - Talk with me as soon as possible.  - See the Department Head. 

If you have questions about this matter, you can email me at: , simply reply to this automated email, or see me in the next class session. 

Note: The SAIC Academic Advising office automatically receives a copy of all CPRs. I encourage you to contact your advisor for additional support (see below). 

Entered by, 
Steve Faculty

SAIC provides many resources to support your academic success. These are all free services, and you are encouraged to take advantage of the following resources as appropriate:

  • For help with course concerns, course scheduling, degree planning, or general questions: Contact Academic Advising: 312-629-6800; Suite 1204 of the Sullivan Center, 36 South Wabash. You can also email to them to set up an appointment: Please note that you do not have an assigned advisor at this time. You can see any of the advisors. 
  • To see a tutor for assistance with writing assignments or papers: Contact the SAIC Writing Center: 312-345-3588; MacLean Center Basement (MC B1-03, 112 S. Michigan Ave.) You may also set up an appointment online. 
  • For help discussing class accommodations, time management, and study skills: Disability and Learning Resource Center: 312-499-4278; 13th floor of the 116 South Michigan Building. Learn more about the DLRC.
  • To meet with an SAIC counselor: Call Counseling Services: 312-499-4271; 13th floor of the 116 South Michigan Building to set up an in-person appointment. Learn more about Counseling Services
  • If you live on campus, talk to your Resident Advisor or Hall Director. Both of them are there to assist you in being successful and can connect you to the School's resources. Call Residence Life: 312-629-6870. 

QUESTIONS? Don’t hesitate to contact the Academic Advising office at 312.629.6800 if you have questions or require assistance utilizing the Class Progress Report system!