Facilities Maintenance

Instructional Resources and Facilities Management’s (IRFM) Facilities Services and Facilities Engineering teams provide a wide range of services including maintenance of campus facilities, project management assistance, and facilities planning. Services may be requested by entering an online work request in Facilities 360

Available services include:


Housekeeping Services

IRFM contracts ABM Janitorial Services to provide housekeeping services on the SAIC Campus and works closely with them to ensure a clean and attractive campus. Services include daily and periodic cleaning in the following areas: 

 Services may be requested by entering an online work request in Facilities 360.


Waste Management Services

Waste management at SAIC is an important part of maintaining a clean and sustainable campus. Facilities Services oversees the removal of trash, recycling, compost, and surplus programs.

Recycling—SAIC has a single-stream recycling program for paper, plastic, and aluminum. Single-stream recycling means that material can be collected in a combined or mixed fashion. Paper and metal or plastic can is collected without the need of keeping the materials separated. Lakeshore Recycling  picks up all of our recycling materials together and they are then separated at their recycling facilities.

Recycling at SAIC is easy, just look for the plastic bins with the green SAIC Recycles! sticker and the clear bag. Plastic bins with no sticker and a black bag are for trash. Your participation is key to making this program successful. Learn more about recycling at SAIC.

Compost—IRFM rolled out a compost program at SAIC. It started in the Columbus Café and expanded to the LeRoy Neiman Center kitchen in fall of 2014. Future plans included expanding the program to all cafés on campus and potentially the dorms as well.

eCycling at SAIC—Used computers, monitors and other electronic equipment that are disposed of improperly have the potential to contaminate our environment, and prematurely fill our landfills. Processing electronic waste, also known as e-waste, to extract the minerals inside and reusing the rest of the components is a practical solution.

SAIC has taken the necessary steps to ensure proper disposal of e-waste. Listed below are several features of SAIC’s eCycling program

Small electronic equipment can be dropped off at any of the eCycling bin locations, listed below.  Larger items, such as desktop computers, monitors, and printers, can only be accepted at the CRIT Help Desk at MacLean 905.  Additionally, they will only accept SAIC assets (indicated by a barcode asset tag somewhere on the device). For the donation of larger items, you can either take them to the MC Help Desk or schedule an on-campus pickup. To schedule a pickup, contact the Help Desk at crithelpdesk@saic.edu or 312.345.3535.

Examples of small equipment accepted:

Small consumer electronics (cell phones, home phones, chargers/power supplies, Bluetooth headsets, fax machines, digital cameras, PDAs, remote controls, shavers, hair dryers, curling irons, etc.) PLEASE ONLY DEPOSIT WHAT CAN FIT IN THE BIN. DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING LAYING NEXT TO THE BIN.

The following items are NOT accepted by SAIC for e-cycling:

We recommend using Abt Electronics when replacing broken appliances. You can purchase a new appliance through Abt Electronics with a preferred vendor discount and have the broken appliance hauled away for a nominal fee: $29 refrigerator haul-away (will be recycled) vs. $100 with our electronic recycler. Always use the preferred vendor. 

AIC/SAIC Art Mart Abt Vendor Page           http://www.abt.com/

eCycling Drop-off Locations

Columbus Drive Building (280 S Columbus)

MacLean Center (112 S. Michigan Ave)

Sharp Building (37 S. Wabash Ave)

Sullivan Center (36 S Wabash Ave)

Residence Halls - eCycling bins for small equipment located near main Residence Life offices.         

Additionally, if the small electronics you want to dispose are still in working condition, you might consider donating them to SURPLUS, instead of e-cycling. A waiver must be signed for this type of SURPLUS donation, per SURPLUS guidelines.

Surplus—SURPLUS is a system for material reuse at SAIC. SURPLUS is a service station where used and excess materials can be made available for other students to take and use for free. Students can bring anything they no longer need—materials, former art projects, etc., as long as they meet the material guidelines posted—and take away stuff that they can use. SURPLUS provides a constantly changing resource for materials for artmaking, and it keeps quantities of used and excess materials that the school produces out of the landfills.

SURPLUS Locations 

For more information, visit the Sustainability at SAIC page.


Pest Control

SAIC’s campus is in an urban environment, which means that the presence of pests at one time or another is inevitable. Pests can include bed bugs, insects, rodents, and wildlife. When pests are spotted it is important to refrain from handling the pest. To report pests please contact Campus Security and enter a Facilities 360 work order. To prevent pests from entering campus, please consider the following: