Payment in full or payment arrangements of any balance not covered by financial aid must be made by the 15th before each semester begins in order to avoid late fees, restriction of access on campus, and prevention from future registration and release of academic transcripts/ diplomas. 

Tuition/Fees Payment Due Dates

TermDue Date
Summer May 15
Fall August 15
Winter December 15
Spring January 15

Payment Options

Bursars Office—Sharp Building

Cash, check, or money order (made payable in US currency)

Mail to:
SAIC Bursar's Office
37 S. Wabash Ave., suite 711
Chicago, IL 60603

In person:
SAIC Bursar's Office
Monday–Friday, 11:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

Do not send 529 Plan or scholarship payments to the Bursar's Office. Those payments must be sent to the Student Financial Services office.


Credit Card or ACH (Automated Check Handling/Electronic Check)

Wire Transfers

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) also accepts tuition and fee payments via wire transfer. Use the information below if you plan to pay your tuition using this method.

Wire Transfer Instructions

When you wire payments, please give your bank the following information:

For Domestic Wire
Bank of America
ABA # 026-009-593
The Art Institute of Chicago School Depository Account
Account# 8666224261
Reference (Student Name and ID Number)*

For International Wire
Bank of America
ABA # 026-009-593
The Art Institute of Chicago School Depository Account
Account# 8666224261
Reference (Student Name and ID Number)*

If you are also asked to provide the bank's physical location, please use the following address:

Bank of America
135 S. LaSalle St.
Chicago, IL 60603

* IMPORTANT: please be sure to include student name and ID# on the transfer to ensure that the funds will be applied to the proper account.

Wire Transfer Information (English) [PDF]
Wire Transfer Information (Korean) [PDF]
Wire Transfer Information (Chinese) [PDF]

We encourage you to contact us at any time at 312.629.6600 or email with any questions or concerns you may have.

529 College Plans

Please be sure all information and payments are sent to the Student Financial Service office and NOT to the Bursar's Office to avoid a delay in the processing of these funds.

A 529 Plan is an education savings plan operated by a state or educational institution designed to help families set aside funds for future college costs. Students should list the 529 Plan amount in the asset section of the FAFSA if the 529 Plan is in the name of the student or the dependent student's parent. It may be necessary for SAIC to adjust a student's FAFSA and their award package to meet federal, state, and institutional awarding policies. A 529 Plan payment will be applied as a "payment" on the student's account.

529 Plan Processing and Instructions
Students using a 529 Plan to pay for educational expenses must notify Student Financial Services prior to the beginning of the semester. Students should complete a request to receive funds from their state provider four (4) weeks before the payment due date each semester that they are using the 529 Plan as payment towards their tuition charges. Request dates are as follows:

TermDate to Request Funds
from State Provider
Payment Due Date
Summer April 15 May 15
Fall July 15 August 15
Winter November 15 December 15
Spring December 15 January 15

Students should inform the state provider sending the funds to the Student Financial Services office that their name and student ID number should appear on all correspondence and transactions. If the agency that holds your 529 benefit requires invoices, please contact Student Financial Services immediately with the contact information of the agency, and the name of the student. In some cases, SAIC may be required to complete a form or letter of credit that is provided by the 529 Plan provider.

Payments and correspondence should be sent to:

School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Attn: 529 Administrator
Student Financial Services, Sullivan Center
36 S. Wabash Ave., suite 1200
Chicago IL 60603

Tuition and Fee Payment Plan via CASHNet

SAIC offers interest free tuition and fees payment plans to students and families.

CASHnet Instructions [PDF]

Late Payments

If payment in-full or payment arrangements are not made by the end of the add/drop period, a late fee will be assessed.


Students required to purchase a laptop computer through the school have the option of paying in full or establishing a payment plan. This payment plan is separate from the tuition and fees payment plans listed above, and requires an enrollment fee to participate.