The School of the Art Institute of Chicago offers students a diverse experience while attending classes, including the opportunity for student employment. Many students work while enrolled at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) as a way to not only cover some of the costs of tuition and fees but to gain valuable experience in the workplace before graduating. Please note that job placement is not guaranteed.

Students seeking employment opportunities should contact the Career and Professional Experience (CAPX) office for assistance at 312.629.6820, by email at or stop by CAPX in the Lakeview Building in Suite 1400 at 116 South Michigan Avenue.

On-campus are posted on the SAIC Launch online jobs database. All off-campus jobs are posted in Compass. You should email to request a password. Job placement is not guaranteed.

It is recommended that students also directly contact SAIC offices and departments that are of interest to inquire about the availability of student employment jobs and learn more about their job application processes. A list of hiring departments is available in the annual Student Employment Guide.

Students choosing to accept employment through the student employment program are required to familiarize and adhere to the guidelines and responsibilities outlined in the student's and supervisor's handbooks located on this website or in Student Financial Services.

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Federal Work-Study (Need-based) Student Employment

Federal Work-Study eligibility is awarded for fall and spring semesters to degree-seeking students demonstrating financial need as determined by a federal needs analysis application (FAFSA). Student must reapply through the FAFSA by March 1 each year before the upcoming award year. The financial aid award year at SAIC always begins with the summer term. Students are responsible for securing and maintaining satisfactory performance of student employment jobs. Although, the financial aid award letter lists the amount a student is eligible to earn each semester, it does not guarantee placement in a job.

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Institutional (Non-need) Student Employment

All continuing students are allowed to work up to 40 hours per week during the summer and winter terms only, however they must be enrolled at least half-time in the fall and/or spring semester before and after the summer or winter term (unless they are enrolled and/or graduating during that summer or winter term). Federal Work-Study Eligibility is not required and is not used during those terms. International students that are F-1 visa holders are eligible to work on-campus for up to 20 hours per week during the fall and spring terms and 40 hours per week during summer and winter terms.

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Teaching Assistant (TA)

Teaching assistantships are available in many departments and most are filled by second year graduate students. Federal Work-Study Eligibility is not required. TA's are not renewed automatically; applications to departments must be submitted each semester.

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Required Documentation

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Bi-Weekly Submission and Approval—Online Timesheets must be submitted through the ARTICtime system, by the student employee, according to the Student Payroll Schedule every other Monday by 10:00 a.m. After the student submits the timesheet, their supervisor will log into ARTICtime, review the hours for accuracy and indicate if the student demonstrated satisfactory or unsatisfactory performance. Upon completion of those items, they will then approve the timesheet for payment. ARTICtime is located at

See also: ‌Student Payroll Schedule [PDF]

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Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is available to those students with saving or checking accounts. Direct Deposit offers students a more timely and efficient manner of electronically depositing their paycheck directly into their bank account and is greatly encouraged by SAIC. Students should enroll in Direct Deposit by completing the required bank information in SAIC Self-Service in the Employee Center.

Students that choose not to enroll in Direct Deposit will have paper checks issued on the scheduled payroll dates. Checks are made available in the Bursar's Office located in the Sharp Building, 37 South Wabash Avenue, suite 245. Checks that are not picked up by the student within 14 calendar days are mailed to the student's address as indicated in SAIC Self-Service.

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Tax-Deferred Savings for Student Workers

Students employed by the Art Institute are eligible to save on a tax-deferred basis by enrolling in the Art Institute's Tax Deferred Savings Program. Build your savings in a 403(b) while deferring payment of income taxes on contributions and investment earnings.

Download the SAIC Tax-Deferred Savings Program [PDF]

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Student Employment Eligibility

SAIC students, who hold regular full-time, part-time, special projects, temporary staff or faculty positions at SAIC or AIC, are not eligible for student employee positions. If a student applies for and receives a financial aid award package that includes student employment earning eligibility they will not qualify for this award if they are employed in a regular full-time, part-time, special projects, temporary staff or faculty position at SAIC or AIC while enrolled at SAIC. A student eligible for student employment, who applies for and is offered a regular full-time, part-time, special projects, temporary staff or faculty position, will not be able to work in a student employment position at SAIC, and have to discontinue their student employment if working as a student employee at the time they begin employment at SAIC or AIC as a regular full-time, part-time, special projects or temporary staff or faculty member.

The only exception to this policy will be made for students who are staff or faculty members and who have a TA position. For these students who hold regular full-time, part-time, special projects, temporary staff or faculty positions at SAIC or AIC, their TA position will be paid as a temporary staff job through the staff employee payroll rather than the student employee payroll. In order to hire a person as a TA, a Position Requisition and Personnel Action form will need to be completed, including the appropriate signatures, and forwarded to Human Resources. For assistance with this process, please speak to the hiring department's Administrative Director.

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