Master of Arts in Art Therapy Degree Program
MA in Art Therapy Degree Program

SAIC's Master of Arts (MA) in Art Therapy and Counseling program cultivates influential, compassionate leaders who are critically engaged with the social and cultural contexts surrounding artmaking and healing.

The Art Therapy and Counseling graduate program is a national leader in articulating the role of the artist and art therapist. As part of their art therapy education, students are expected to be fully engaged in the intellectual dimensions of art therapy theory, research, and philosophy, as well as important trends in related fields such as counseling and psychology. The MA in Art Therapy and Counseling curriculum is designed to meet the standards for post-graduation application for registration and board certification with the Art Therapy Credentials Board, as well as the academic requirements to sit for the Illinois counseling exams and similarly designed licensing guidelines in other states.

The Master of Arts in Art Therapy and Counseling program offers you:

  • A comprehensive art therapy education that emphasizes development of the artist/art therapist
  • Preparation to function as art therapists in a variety of settings
  • Critical engagement within social and cultural contexts

Leading Practitioners, Experience, and Connections

Our faculty's combination of clinical experience and scholarly and artistic backgrounds has helped establish social service resources across the United States and around the world. They have contributed to the history of the profession through publications, presentations, exhibitions, clinical innovations, and professional leadership, and students benefit from their commitment to the field and their vast array of professional connections.

Additionally, students embark upon professional practice through required fieldwork experience, which may be selected from a diverse array of healthcare and social service settings, including psychiatric facilities, residential care, schools, drug treatment centers, and correctional facilities. Exposure to the unique challenges, ethical dilemmas, and successes of their fieldwork settings—as well as the requirement to work with both children and adult populations—enriches the students' understanding of the application of art therapy in multiple contexts. Graduates become leaders in the field of art therapy in the areas of professional practice, research, and theory.

Artistic and Therapeutic Practice

The dynamic production and exploration of art is central to art therapy, and MA in Art Therapy and Counseling students' practices are profoundly shaped by their peers at one of the best art and design schools in the world. Artmaking is incorporated into every art therapy class, and students are required to take nine credits of studio coursework. Through academic and studio courses, exhibitions, and events, SAIC influences students' creative visions and offers them the opportunity to produce innovative creative projects and individualized educational initiatives.

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