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Arts Administration and Policy: Undergraduate Overview

The Arts Administration & Policy department offers both Electives and Spine courses at the Undergraduate level; we have also outlined a number of Pathways for students who wish to do more extensive and focused work in arts administration. Our undergraduate offerings are designed to support artists, designers, educators, managers and entrepreneurs in the development of their professional practices.

Spine Courses
Sophomore Seminar: 2nd year ARTSAD 2900 Arts Administration Sophomore Seminar
Junior Professional Practice Experience: 3rd year ARTSAD 3900 Work Experience: What's My Job?
Senior Capstone: 4th year ARTSAD 4900 BFA & Beyond

Choose three electives from the following list. These courses may be offered in both fall and spring or once per academic year. Please check current listings.

Focus on career management:
ARTSAD 3015 Why Make Art Now
ARTSAD 3021 Constructing Meaning: Exhibit Design Practicum
ARTSAD 3900 Professional Practice: The Artist Formerly Known as Starving: Freelancing Comics and Illustration
ARTSAD 3900 Professional Practice: Work Experience—What’s My Job?
ARTSAD 3900 Professional Practice: Statements, Grants, Proposals
ARTSAD 3900 Professional Practice: Artists, Objects, Contexts
ARTSAD 3900 Professional Practice: Freelancing Comics/Illustration
ARTSAD 4008 Working Artist—Life After School
ARTSAD 4016 Artist Self-Promotion
ARTSAD 4900 Capstone: BFA & Beyond
Focus on presenting, curating and writing:
ARTSAD 3003 The Visible Side—Operating the Student Union Galleries
ARTSAD 3500 Curating in the Expanded Field
ARTSAD 4031 Special Collections Practicum
ARTSAD 4650 Musicians & the Spirit of DIY
ARTSAD 4894 Media Futures
ARTSAD 4920 Grant Writing Lab
Focus on legal and entrepreneurial knowledge:
ARTSAD 3545 Street Law for the Artist
ARTSAD 3800 Artrepreneurship
ARTSAD 4016 Artist Self-Promotion
ARTSAD 4022 Artist Start-Up
Focus on context: community engagement, markets
ARTSAD 4244 The Art Fair and the Biennale
ARTSAD 4242 Art and the World of Big Money
ARTSAD 4500 Socially and Community-Engaged Art
ARTSAD 4918 Arts Economies

Interested in learning how you can apply?

Visit the undergraduate admissions website or contact the undergraduate admissions office at 800.232.7242 or