Current Students

Master of Arts in Modern and Contemporary Art History


Madalen Claire Benson (MA 2019) Primary areas of interest: Indigenous Studies, Site-specificity; secondary area of interest: Trans-Indigenous Methodology

Julia (Budgie) Birka-White (MA 2019) Primary interests of interest: Contemporary Polish art; National Identity, Postcommunism Studies, and Contemporary Central European art; Secondary areas of interest: Queer Theory

Stephanie R. Dvareckas (MA 2019) Primary area of interest: Contemporary Eastern European art, Ukrainian nonconformist art; secondary areas of interest: new media, representations of national identity

Susan Mackey (MA 2019) Primary areas of interest: contemporary feminist art, contemporary art of the African Diaspora

Yue Ren (MA 2019) Primary areas of interest: Socially Engaged Art with Cross-disciplinary Methodologies (site specificity, mobility, and cartography); Urban studies.Secondary interests: curatorial studies; experimental photography and video art; art practice of contemporary China.

Sandra Shim (MA 2019) Primary areas of interest: political actions and art, arts in public spaces

Ingrid Sundstrom (MA 2019) Primary area of interest: Contemporary Russian art

Jacob Zhicheng Zhang (MA 2019) Primary areas of interest: postcolonial theories, Chinese art/visual studies, East Asian art/visual studies; secondary areas of interest: institutional critique, queer artists

Jenny Dally (MA 2020) Primary areas of interest: the body as medium, identity in performance art and sculpture, the work of women artists; secondary areas of interest: history of photography, memorials and monuments

Graham Feyl (MA 2020) Primary areas of interest: Performance art, the body as a medium, the development of the avant-garde/Modernism, and Dadaism. Secondary areas of interest: Queer theory, and gender performance.

Julia Kulon (MA 2020) Primary Areas of Interest: Modernity in Eastern and Central Europe, 20th century sculpture, memory/trauma studies; Secondary Areas of Interest: Monuments, nation building

Carmen Lombana (MA 2020) 70's, 80's and 90's Mexican Art

Lauren Makholm (MA 2020) Primary Areas of Interest: art of Russia and the Soviet Union, contemporary Colombian art

Aleksandra Matic (MA 2020) Primary area of interest: South Asian contemporary art; secondary areas of interest: Eastern European contemporary art and gender theory

Melody Miller (MA 2020) Socially engaged art - particularly Jeremy Deller

Bradlee Murch (MA 2020) Primary Interests: Intersections of Art History and English Literature; Secondary Interests: Interwar period European art and fashion, Pre-Raphaelite art and Victorianism, Early Modern European art and literature, horror fiction

Emilia Nicholson-Fajardo (MA 2020) Primary area of interest: the radical avant-garde and the intersection of political and art historical theory with modern and contemporary protest movements throughout Latin America, the Feminist Art movement, and Chicanx Art. Secondary area of interest: the relationship between graphic arts and public performance strategies.

Minh Nguyen (MA 2020) Primary areas of interest: socialist and postsocialist art; aesthetics and nation-building.

Elizabeth Reed (MA 2020) Primary areas of interest: Identity politics and cross-cultural representation in design, design history; secondary area of interest: theory of contemporary art, design, and architecture

Celine Yin Zhi Wang (MA 2020) Primary Area(s) of interest: Performance art with an emphasis on gender and sexuality, Modern/Contemporary art in East Asia Secondary Area(s) of interest: Installation art, public art, land art.


Dual Degree in Art History and Arts Administration

Duncan Bass (Dual 2019) Areas of interest: intersections of art, science and technology, social and media theory

Lindsey Bell (Dual 2019) Areas of interest: Performance Art and Relational Aesthetics

Danielle Eady (2019 dual) Primary area of interest: Land art, and the intersection of arts and ecology in contemporary art. Secondary area of interest: Twentieth century American painting

Nicky Ni (Dual 2019) Primary area of interest: computer-based art that involves real-time simulation; secondary areas of interest; video, performance, reception of contemporary Chinese art in a global context.

Carlos Salazar-Lermont (Dual MA 2019) Artist and curator, focus on Latin American Art, performance art and performativity.

Celina Wu (Dual MA 2019) Primary areas of interest: Photography theory and criticism, thing theory, collections and archives management

Chao Yan (Dual 2019) Primary interest: modern and contemporary East Asian art, curatorial and museology studies. Secondary area of interest: institutional critique, mass-cultural and socially engaged art.

Emily Crum (Dual 2020) Primary areas of interest: Italian Renaissance and Baroque Catholic religious art, arts education, interpretation, accessibility, museum institutions; secondary area of interest: 19th century Post-Impressionist artists

Tess Haratonik (Dual 2020) Primary Area(s) of interest: contemporary conceptual art, exhibition management/curatorial studies, non-profit hybrid (third space) research, Secondary Area(s): philanthropic organizations/foundations, artist book publication

Sophie Jenkins (Dual 2020) Primary areas of interest: museum and exhibition studies, collections and archives; secondary areas of interest: contemporary photography, portraiture

Catherine LaMendola (Dual 2020) Primary areas of interest: Art brut, 20th century American folk art

Whitney Mash (Dual 2020) Primary Areas of interest: Feminist Art, Gender, Sexuality & Art, Art & Technology

Shannon Hebert Waldman (Dual 2020) Primary areas of interest: Social Practice, Socially Engaged Craft, Institutional Critique, and Arts Writing.

Cici Wang (Dual 2020) Primary areas of interest: Modern and contemporary Asian art; secondary areas of interest: Buddhist art and architecture

Hayley-Jane Blackstone (Dual 2021) Primary Area of Interest: Archival research, preservation, & performativity Secondary Area of Interest: New socialism, collections management, & complicating aestheticism

Nicolay Duque-Robayo (Dual 2021) Primary areas of interest: Artistic practices in the Eastern bloc; representations of the body; Secondary areas of interest: photography, institutional critique, criticism.

Rebecca Haley (Dual 2021) Primary areas of interest: social practice art, non-collecting and nomadic arts organizations

Abby Hermosilla (Dual 2021) Primary Area(s) of interest: modern and contemporary chican(x) art and video/digital based art; Secondary interest: institutional critique and art and technology.

Lasondra Kern (Dual 2021) Areas of interest: Art of the Africa & African diaspora, Interactions between art and politics, Equitable access to museum institutions, museum administration

Francisca Rudolph (Dual 2021) Primary areas of interest: Contemporary Latin American Art, the intersection of mathematics and the visual arts, curatorial studies.