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Art History, Theory, and Criticism

The Department of Art History, Theory, and Criticism at SAIC engages the history of art and design across the globe as informed by contemporary theories and practices. We are situated in a comprehensive art school and connected to a world-class art museum.

Our curriculum is the most extensive of its kind in the country

We offer more than 100 courses in Art History, Theory, and Criticism each semester and have 15 full-time faculty and more than 30 part-time faculty teaching modern and contemporary art history, theory, and criticism. In addition to offering degrees in modern and contemporary art history at both the graduate and undergraduate level, the department is fully integrated into studio and design education across SAIC.

Graduate Studies

Within the Master of Arts in Modern and Contemporary Art History, the department also offers a specialization in Design History. Our department also offers a three-year, dual-degree master’s program in conjunction with the Department of Arts Administration and Policy.

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