Sep 1

Cao Fei

Beijing-based artist Cao Fei mixes social commentary, popular aesthetics, references to surrealism, and documentary conventions in her films and installations.

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Sep 21


Distinguished Alumni Lecture Series

Founded by artists Warren Fischer (SAIC 1991–93) and Casey Spooner (SAIC 1989–93), Fischerspooner is an ongoing project about the relationship between art and entertainment.

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Sep 27

Claudia Rankine

President's Inaugural Distinguished Lecturer

Claudia Rankine is the author of five collections of poetry including her bestselling book Citizen: An American Lyric (2014).

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Oct 4

Tal R

Copenhagen-based artist Tal R creates expressive paintings, collages, sculptures, and installations that depict figurative and abstract imagery culled from diverse sources.

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Oct 11

Juliana Huxtable

Juliana Huxtable’s work explores the fragmented and mutable nature of identity by utilizing race, gender, and queerness as media to explore the possibilities of post-identity politics.

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Oct 17

Josh Kline

New York-based artist Josh Kline focuses on the ways technological innovations affect politics, labor, and the human body.

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Nov 2

Ann Cvetkovich

Professor Ann Cvetkovich, University of Texas at Austin, is the author of several books and currently writes about the state of LGBTQ archives and artists’ innovative use of them to create counterarchives and interventions in public history.

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Nov 15

Caroline Bergvall

London-based artist and performer Caroline Bergvall pushes the boundaries of language and collaboratively explores issues surrounding social displacement, migration, and human dislocation.

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  • Nov 15Caroline Bergvall

Visiting Minds. Lasting Influence.

Founded in 1868, the Visiting Artists Program (VAP) is one of the oldest public programs of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Formalized in 1951 with the establishment of an endowed fund by Flora Mayer Witkowsky, the Visiting Artists Program features some of the most compelling practitioners and thinkers working today. Through a diverse mix of lectures, screenings, performances, conversations, and readings, VAP is one of the city's leading public forums for the presentation and contemplation of contemporary art, design, and scholarship.
An invaluable resource for SAIC students and the public alike, the Visiting Artists Program fosters a greater understanding and appreciation of contemporary art and culture through discourse. VAP arranges studio critiques and roundtable discussions for SAIC students, providing them with direct access to world-renowned speakers working across disciplines. 

This program is partially supported by grants from the Illinois Arts Council Agency and the National Endowment for the Arts.‌‌