Sep 2

Theaster Gates

William and Stephanie Sick Distinguished Visiting Artist Theaster Gates is internationally recognized for his innovative social projects on the South Side of Chicago, including Dorchester Projects and the Black Cinema House. 

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Sep 16

Irene Hofmann

Distinguished SAIC alumnus Irene Hofmann is Director and Chief Curator of SITE Santa Fe in New Mexico where she has launched SITElines, a new biennial exhibition series of contemporary art from the Americas.


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Oct 2

Claire Bishop & Claire Doherty

This dialogue between art historian and critic Claire Bishop and curator Claire Doherty continues a season of critical thinking around social practice developed by SAIC to address this burgeoning and much-debated field.

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Oct 15

Wade Guyton & Susan Tallman

Using common technologies like computers, scanners, and inkjet printers, New York–based artist Wade Guyton explores our relationships with images and traditional forms of art. He discusses his work with SAIC Professor and Editor-in-Chief of Art in Print, Susan Tallman.

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Nov 6

Lewis Hyde

Lewis Hyde’s The Gift has been embraced by artists for its illuminating defense of non-commercial artistic practice. An eloquent speaker on the public life of the imagination, Hyde opens A Lived Practice symposium on art and social practice with his lecture, "The Common Self."

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Nov 11

Anab Jain

An award-winning designer and founder of the design studio, Superflux, Anab Jain explores the limits of emerging technologies and their effects on society. Her work includes a prosthetic device for the visually impaired and ecological domestic robots.

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Dec 2

Henrik Håkansson

Swedish artist Henrik Håkansson is fascinated with the "organized randomness" of the world around us, and uses methods of observation, collection, and categorization to create work that examines our relation to nature.

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Nov 5

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  • Sep 2Theaster Gates
  • Sep 16Irene Hofmann
  • Oct 2Claire Bishop & Claire Doherty
  • Oct 15Wade Guyton & Susan Tallman
  • Nov 6Lewis Hyde
  • Nov 11Anab Jain
  • Dec 2Henrik Håkansson

Visiting Minds. Lasting Influence.

Founded in 1868, the Visiting Artists Program (VAP) is one of the oldest public programs of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Formalized in 1951 with the establishment of an endowed fund by Flora Mayer Witkowsky, the Visiting Artists Program features some of the most compelling practitioners and thinkers working today. Through a diverse mix of lectures, screenings, performances, conversations, and readings, VAP is one of the city's leading public forums for the presentation and contemplation of contemporary art, design, and scholarship.
An invaluable resource for SAIC students and the public alike, the primary mission of the Visiting Artists Program is to educate and foster a greater understanding and appreciation of contemporary art and culture through discourse. VAP arranges studio critiques and roundtable discussions for SAIC students, providing them with direct access to world-renowned speakers working across disciplines.

Funding for the Visiting Artists Program is provided by the Robert Lehman Foundation. This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.