Sep 3

Chris Ware

Bill and Stephanie Sick Distinguished Professor in Conversation with Hamza Walker

Chris Ware (SAIC 1991–93), an award-winning cartoonist and author of Building Stories and Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth, will discuss his work with curator Hamza Walker.

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Sep 21

Jeff Koons

150th Anniversary Distinguished Alumni Lecturer

Internationally acclaimed sculptor, painter, and alum Jeff Koons (SAIC 1975–76, HON 2008) will discuss his work on the occasion of SAIC’s 150th Anniversary.

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Sep 29

Eija-Liisa Ahtila

Finnish artist and filmmaker Eija-Liisa Ahtila experiments with narrative storytelling in her films and cinematic installations. Her skillfully crafted narratives and touching portrayals of characters have won critical acclaim worldwide. 

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Oct 5

Kunlé Adeyemi

Kunlé Adeyemi is a Nigerian architect, urbanist, designer, and founder of NLÉ, an architecture, design, and urbanism practice with a focus on developing cities.

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Oct 29

Sarah Vowell

Distinguished Alumni Lecture Series

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SAIC alum Sarah Vowell (MA 1999) is a New York Times–bestselling author of six nonfiction books on American history and culture. She will read from her new book Lafayette in the Somewhat United States.

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Nov 4

Rona Pondick

New York–based artist Rona Pondick uses traditional and technologically advanced methods to create sculptural hybrids that meld body fragments with animal or plant forms. 

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Nov 12

Richard Mosse

Irish photographer Richard Mosse captures the beauty and tragedy in war and destruction. His most recent series, Infra, documents the ongoing war between rebel factions and the Congolese national army in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Dec 8

Christian Boltanski

Renowned French artist Christian Boltanski works with the ephemera of daily life and human experience to create installations that explore memory and loss and the relation between life, death, and art. 

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  • Sep 3Chris Ware
  • Sep 21Jeff Koons
  • Sep 29Eija-Liisa Ahtila
  • Oct 5Kunlé Adeyemi
  • Oct 29Sarah Vowell
  • Nov 4Rona Pondick
  • Nov 12Richard Mosse
  • Dec 8Christian Boltanski

Visiting Minds. Lasting Influence.

Founded in 1868, the Visiting Artists Program (VAP) is one of the oldest public programs of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Formalized in 1951 with the establishment of an endowed fund by Flora Mayer Witkowsky, the Visiting Artists Program features some of the most compelling practitioners and thinkers working today. Through a diverse mix of lectures, screenings, performances, conversations, and readings, VAP is one of the city's leading public forums for the presentation and contemplation of contemporary art, design, and scholarship.
An invaluable resource for SAIC students and the public alike, the primary mission of the Visiting Artists Program is to educate and foster a greater understanding and appreciation of contemporary art and culture through discourse. VAP arranges studio critiques and roundtable discussions for SAIC students, providing them with direct access to world-renowned speakers working across disciplines.