In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago is committed to providing students, faculty, staff, and guests with disabilities equal access to SAIC-sponsored public programs and events, such as visiting artist lectures, film screenings, exhibitions, year-end thesis shows, student art sales, symposia, and alumni events.

An event or program hosted by a third-party organization renting SAIC facilities is not considered an SAIC-sponsored program or event.

Access to the School

All School buildings are accessible at street level. Each building has accessible door doors at the main entrance which are clearly marked to accommodate people with disabilities.


Accessible parking, provided by third-party corporations, is located in the following garages near SAIC buildings. Please note that rates vary and that SAIC does not reimburse for parking expenses. Also note that none of these facilities accept oversized vans.

  • Millennium Park garage (enter at Columbus Drive and Monroe Street), with 6' 8' clearance in some sections and an elevator at the exit
  • Grant Park North garage (enter at Michigan Avenue between Madison and Randolph), with 6' 6" clearance for vans and an elevator at the exit
  • 55 East Monroe Street garage (enter at Columbus Drive and Monroe Street), with 6' 8" clearance and exit ramps at Monroe Street

 Please Visit Millennium Park Garages or 55 East Monroe for the most up-to-date information.

Inside the School


Elevators are located throughout the School, with elevator service to all publicly accessible floors. When visiting a building for the first time, ask the SAIC security officer on duty the best route to the floor(s) you wish to access.

Mobility Devices

Wheelchairs are allowed in all areas of the School. These devices include manual or electric single seat chairs, electric mobility seated scooters and knee scooters, and other manually operated mobility devices including walkers, crutches, canes, braces, and other similar devices.

Hearing-Assist Devices

The following SAIC facilities are equipped with hearing-assistance devices:

MacLean Center, 112 South Michigan Avenue
SAIC Ballroom (2nd floor)
Room 816

Sharp Building, 37 South Wabash Avenue
The LeRoy Neiman Center (1st floor) (installation in progress)
Room 327


Student Accommodations:

Students seeking hearing or other accommodations are advised to contact the Disability and Learning Resource Center (DLRC).

If you are a student currently registered with the DLRC and have received accommodation letters for a prior semester and you are not requesting any changes, please complete the form below to request letters for the present semester.

*Students who are deaf or hard of hearing please use the D/HH request form.

D/HH Accommodations Request Form

If you are a student currently registered with the DLRC and have received deaf and hard of hearing (D/HH) accommodations for a prior semester and you are not requesting any changes in services, please complete the form below to request services for the present semester.

Accommodation Request Form

Staff Accommodations:

Current SAIC staff seeking workplace accommodations are advised to speak with their manager and/or Human Recources - Employee Relations.  Please refer to SAIC's Workplace Accommodation Policy.

Guest Accommodations:

Please complete the Accommodation Request Form two business days or more in advance of an SAIC-sponsored public program or event in order to allow adequate time for staff to make proper arrangements.

Guest Accommodations Request Form

Emotional Support Animals

Emotional support animals (ESA) are animals that are necessary to afford people with disabilities with an equal opportunity to use and enjoy on-campus housing. ESAs are only permitted in the individual's assigned residential room and outdoor spaces, if appropriate, under the proper handling. These animals are not permitted in other campus buildings. When the animal is transported outside the private residence areas, it must be in an animal carrier, on a leash or harness, and controlled at all times.

Procedures for Requesting an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Accommodation [PDF]

Service Animals

Animals are not permitted in any SAIC campus building. However, if you are a student with a disability the following exceptions apply:

Service animals are permitted in all SAIC buildings. A service animal is any dog (or in some cases a miniature horse) that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability.  The work or task that the dog performs must be directly related to the individual’s disability, and can include a wide variety of services, such as assisting those with low vision, alerting individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, recognizing an impending seizure, and retrieving items such as medicine or the telephone.

Students who use a service animal are not required to register the animal with SAIC administration.  However, students that intend to bring a service animal to campus are highly encouraged to notify the Disability and Learning Resource Center (DLRC) at 312.499.4278. The DLRC can support the student by clarifying resources, policies, and helping the student navigate any logistical issues raised by the animal’s presence.

SAIC reserves the right to require the student to immediately remove a service animal from any SAIC building if (i) the animal poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others, (ii) the owner cannot effectively control the animal, or (iii) the animal is not housebroken.