Interested in hiring our students or alumni?

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago's (SAIC) Career and Professional Experience (CAPX) office works closely with employers to provide career and internship opportunities for students and alumni who have studied and worked at the forefront of creative industries.  We celebrated the vital relationship between SAIC and its Employer Partners with our Employers Breakfast this past February 22. We invite you to post a variety of opportunities on our new platform: SAIC Compass.

SAIC Compass hosts for for-credit or no-credit internships; full-time and part-time jobs; freelance, seasonal, and volunteer opportunties; as well as job shadows and calls-for-entry.

Visit SAIC Compass to create an account for your company/organization and post one of the above positions free of charge. If you are an individual looking to post a position, just enter your name in the company name field. You do not have to be located in the Chicago area to post an opportunity to SAIC Compass. SAIC students and alumni all over the world will be using SAIC Compass to find internships, jobs, and exhibition opportunities.

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Post Internships (For-Credit)

SAIC’s Internship (For-Credit) program allows students to register for a class and earn course credit while participating in arts-related work experiences. Employers can connect with our highly talented students and benefit from their advanced artistic training and design skills by becoming members of our Preferred Internship Network (PIN).

Why Become a Member of PIN?

Preferred Internship Network (PIN) Guidelines

Before you post an internship (for credit) on SAIC Compass, please make sure the internship opportunity meets the following criteria:

Student Supervision and Mentorship—PIN members provide mentored supervision to students during the internship and share their expertise with their interns.

Student Safety and Liability— PIN members provide safe, low-risk work environments and must be covered by General Liability Insurance.

Work from Home—Each PIN member has a dedicated professional workplace and does not ask interns to work outside this workplace or any other work-related job site while completing internship hours.

Equipment—PIN Members must provide all of the necessary equipment an intern would need to complete work-related tasks, including laptops, software, cameras, etc. Interns may use neither their own personal equipment nor SAIC’s while completing their internship responsibilities and requirements.

Use of a Motor Vehicle—PIN Members should never ask or allow their interns to use their own cars or employer-provided vehicles for any purpose related to their Internship For-Credit position.

Program Agreement—PIN Members sign a Program Agreement that confirms the organization’s understanding of the expectations of the SAIC Internship Program.

Internship (For-Credit) Options:

SAIC interns make valuable contributions to the workplace and we strongly recommend monetary compensation.

Employer Paid—These positions offer hourly rates determined by each PIN member and are generally set between $10.50 and $15.00 per hour.

Federal Work Study (FWS)This cost-sharing program is available to organizations with proof of their 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit status. Federal Work Study Information for Employers [PDF]

Non-paid—PIN Members may list their for-credit non-paid positions on SAIC Compass; however, paid positions typically attract more students.

Keep in mind F-1 International students cannot work off-campus unless they are earning course credit through one of our Internship (for-credit) options and process a Curricular Practical Training (CPT) authorization. An employer that wishes to hire an international student intern must be a PIN member.

Examples of SAIC Internships (For-Credit)

SAIC has relationships with several hundred Chicago area companies, organizations, artists and institutions. Every academic year, we place more than 500 SAIC students in internships throughout Chicago, the United States, and internationally.

Examples of Internships for Credit [PDF]

How to Become a PIN Member

1. Create an SAIC Compass Account

Create an account and request access to connect with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

2. Submit Internship Opportunities

Upon review and activation of your Compass account, you can begin submitting internship opportunities to SAIC Compass.

Before you post an internship (for-credit) on SAIC Compass, please make sure the internship opportunity meets all of the above criteria.

Employers New to SAIC Compass: Create an Account
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For further information contact the Career and Professional Experience (CAPX) office

Monday through Friday: 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
116 S. Michigan Ave., suite 1400
Phone: 312.499.4130

SAIC Internships Employer Testimonials

SAIC Internship Employer Testimonials [PDF]