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MS in Historic Preservation
MS in Historic Preservation Graduate Degree Program

SAIC's dynamic Master of Science (MS) in Historic Preservation prepares graduates to conserve, restore, and revitalize the built environment through the comprehensive exploration of science, history, creative arts, politics, and technology.

SAIC's Master of Science in Historic Preservation program is an intensive two-year, 60-credit program covering restoration design, materials conservation, architectural history, preservation planning, and specific areas of interest through elective coursework. Students gain valuable professional experience through internships, and investigate an area of personal and professional concern in great depth through a two-semester thesis tutorial. Graduates go on to become preservation planners, consultants to restoration architects, historic interior designers, historic site managers, historic building materials consultants, contractors, site interpreters, preservation researchers, and advocates.

Connections and Firsthand Experience

The field of historic preservation is highly interdisciplinary, and the MS in Historic Preservation curriculum is designed to give you all the skills needed to practice in the field. It provides intensive and broad-based education covering four major areas: restoration design, materials conservation, architectural history, and preservation planning.

MS in Historic Preservation faculty are respected professionals who believe that preserving and reusing historic buildings, furnishings, sites, and landscapes creates continuity between the past, present, and future, and contributes significantly to the health of our culture and society. Their professional affiliations in Chicago and abroad provide a powerful network of connections.

MS in Historic Preservation students complete a 210-hour internship with preservation agencies, conservators, restoration architects, or designers of their choosing. This hands-on experience exposes students to the latest preservation techniques and provides one-on-one involvement with practicing professionals.

Chicago: A Living Laboratory

The architectural history and restoration design program uses Chicago, a world center for modern architecture, as a laboratory. Nearly all department projects involve Chicago or Chicago-area buildings and sites, often resulting in community-based projects that serve the public. An excellent example is the Recent Past Survey, an ongoing project documenting buildings of the mid-20th century in Cook County, Illinois. Many of these buildings went unrecognized as significant by their communities prior to the work of the Recent Past Survey program. The program's effort was heralded in local newspapers and on the radio, and has helped these forgotten treasures gain new respect in their neighborhoods.

Certificate in Historic Preservation

A Certificate in Historic Preservation is available to students pursuing the Master of Architecture (MArch) and MArch with an Emphasis in Interior Architecture tracks at SAIC.

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