The School of the Art Institute of Chicago's (SAIC) Master of Arts (MA) in Art Education program is an individualized, 36-credit-hour program designed for artists, designers, cultural workers, teachers, museum educators, and other arts professionals seeking skills to be effective art/design educators and agents of change.

The program promotes the expansion of the field of arts and design education by preparing candidates for a wide variety of social, cultural, and educational contexts, from the traditional, to the self-organizing. MA in Arts Education students and alumni work within schools, museums, cultural institutions, community-based organizations, nongovernmental organizations, web-based education, and in alternative or informal settings.

Critical Citizenship

A key concept in the MA in Arts Education program is that of the critical citizen—an individual who is self-reflective, has a deep concern for the lives of others, and actively questions and challenges the social, political, and cultural structures and discourses that comprise everyday life. Critical citizenship constitutes the active, democratic engagement of educators and learners in the production and exchange of all forms of social and cultural communication.

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Please refer to the MA in Art Education Handbook [PDF] for a comprehensive list of program requirements. Click around the pages of this website for information on admissions and curriculumrequirements, MA in Art Education faculty, students and alumni, and more.

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