Historic Preservation

Our dynamic Master of Science in Historic Preservation is an all-encompassing program covering the areas of restoration design, materials conservation, architectural history, and preservation planning, all while affording the flexibility to explore specific areas of interest through elective coursework in the field of heritage conservation.

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Grad Journal Interviews Alumna Meredith Stewart

"I’ve already studied architectural history before coming to SAIC. So I was really excited to learn new things at SAIC and I was really open to what it could be. Before entering SAIC, I thought my thesis would be more concentrated on architectural history alone. A lot of what a subway station carries is more for the sake of engineering and efficiency than architecture. Vitrolite is the style just out of necessity. It has a lot more flare and isn’t so purpose-built. In that respect, my thesis topic developed in ways I wasn’t expecting. "

Space and Facilities

Community Engagement

Historic Preservation students take part in community-based projects that connect and serve the public.

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