Welcome to SAIC! Parent and Guest Orientation will be presented in an engaging online learning environment, including both live and pre-recorded content. You will have the opportunity to engage with the SAIC community, to use Canvas, the campus learning management system, and connect with content designed to help you learn about SAIC and the many resources available to you. Parents will be sent a link for their course on/around Tuesday, August 11.

For Parents and guests who are travelling to Chicago, explore all of your accommodation options by visiting our Where to Stay page.

New Student Orientation has begun! Make sure to follow these steps to get important information in their transition to classes at SAIC.

Step 1: Ensure their ARTIC Account is set up. This will help them access their SAIC email and programs needed for online orientation.

Step 2: Log in to CanvasThis is how students will log in to New Student Orientation. This course features information and resources to get them started at SAIC and help you with the transition for the start of the year.

Step 3: Download Pronto (searchable in the App Store or Google Play). This will connect your student to the other students via chat and video. They should log in using theri shortened version of your ARTIC account with your SAIC email address to see their New Student Orientation group (e.g., Pronto is also available via desktop in Canvas.

Step 4: Participate! Over the next few weeks we'll host programs and provide information to other virtual events to help you get to know more about SAIC. Making sure your student is connected in Canvas and Pronto will give them these important event details.