Libraries and Special Collections

SAIC’s libraries, archives, and special collections are specially suited to respond to the evolving and expansive research needs of graduate students. Resources include traditional library and archival collections along with interdisciplinary, multimedia, and site-specific resources that embrace all subjects related to art and design.

The newly renovated John M. Flaxman Library serves as an epicenter for your research and study, holding more than 130,000 books, magazines, movies, and sound recordings that support the entire SAIC curriculum in the arts, design, humanities, and sciences. A growing number of scholarly materials are available online, including approximately 40,000 ebooks and ejournals, 100+ databases, and more than 180,000 digital images—in addition to our campus digital repository, the SAIC Digital Libraries. 

Within the Art Institute of Chicago museum lie the Ryerson & Burnham Libraries, some of oldest and largest art museum libraries in the country. These noncirculating, closed-stack collections contain more than 440,000 volumes and 1,600 periodicals, available in the reading room to SAIC students. 

You can expand your research practice beyond the printed word to the numerous Special Collections of objects, artifacts, and media, some located within the libraries.