Instructor, Performance, Contemporary Practices (2004). BA, 1993, The College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA; BFA, 1998, School of the Art Institute of Chicago; MFA, 2004, The University of Illinois at Chicago. Performances and Exhibitions: The Chicago Cultural Center; Wild Project Space, NY; The Dance Center of Columbia College, Chicago; Links Hall, Chicago; Movement Research, NY; Performing Arts Chicago; Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield, CT; Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago. Awards: Illinois Arts Council grant; Residency, The Chicago Cultural Center; Residency, Links Hall, Chicago; Community Arts Assistance Program Grants, Chicago; Residency, Kohler Arts/Industry Program; Residencies, Ragdale Foundation, Illinois.

Personal Statement

I am fascinated by the human longing for transcendence, and the beauty, humor, and heartache that result from our diverse and tireless efforts to achieve it. How does our habit of separating "self" from the multiple systems in which it is variously embedded (ecology, religion, economy, work, health, culture, time, space) affect the body's potential for transcendence? In my work the body breaks down from its own violence and alienation; the body hopes and works for healing; the body reconciles and rehearses for death; the body puts life into the real time and space of theater.

Current Interests

I'm interested in competition, status and hierarchies of value;
in ladders to the sky, being "right", and streamers from Party City dusty and yellow with age;
in corporate negligence and the violence of advertising.
I'm interested that we somehow survive, with dignity and integrity, the impossible envelope of expectations we were born into.
I would like to learn to live in the world without causing harm.

Movement for my performances is lately inspired by self-management, the Olympics, kung fu, ritualized aggression in animals, security and desire, demands and apologies.

I am making pom-poms and tassels of faux fur and blond hair. I am making emblems, testimonials, and landscapes strewn with letters like dinosaur bones.
I make facades. I want to suggest the body not as actor but rather as a carrier for certificates, value statements, product endorsements, etcetera.


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