Adjunct Associate Professor, Sound (1997). BFA, 1980, Northern Illinois University; MFA, 1983, School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Concurrent Positions: Plasticene, Auris, Chicago Phonography; Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology, World Listening Project. Exhibitions/Performances/Broadcasts: Art Institute of Chicago; Steppenwolf Theater, Chicago; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; Zweiter Berliner Congress, Berlin; New Music Circle, St. Louis; High Zero, Baltimore; Outer Ear Festival of Sound, Chicago; Beyond Music Festival, Venice, CA; Deep Wireless, Toronto; Radio Revolten, Halle, Kunstradio, Vienna. Recordings: Radio Reverie In the Waiting Place, Rarebit. Publications: Experimental Musical Instruments; Leonardo Music Journal; Musicworks; P-Form. Awards: Illinois Arts Council. 


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