The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) offers interest-free payment plans to students and families for tuition and fees during summer, fall, and spring semesters. There is no  payment plan for the winter term.

Semester Payment Plans

Payment plans allow students to budget their tuition and fees for the semester by deferring the full payment due at the beginning of the semester and making monthly payments on the 15th of the month instead. Plans during the fall and spring semesters consist of four payments each and begin on August 15 for fall and January 15 for spring. A summer payment plan is available beginning May 15, and consists of three payments. A nonrefundable enrollment fee of $50 is charged to participate in this plan. Semester payment plans are available online through CASHNet.

The plan can be accessed by students through SAIC Self-Service. You are be able to set up authorized users to view their account balance, make payments, set-up auto-pay and establish payment plans if you choose to do so. More information about CASHNet and setting up authorized users is available on the Payments Options and Manage Your Student Account of the SAIC website.

PLEASE NOTE: Students must re-enroll for payment plans and auto-pay every semester. Payment plans and auto-pay are not automatically rolled over from one term to the other.

SummerPayment Due Date
  May 15
  June 15
  July 15







Fall        Payment Due Date
  August 15
  September 15
  October 15
  November 15


Spring   Payment Due Date
  January 15
  February 15
  March 15
  April 15