Syllabus Statements About Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

About Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

In order to ensure that students with disabilities are aware of the process by which they should request and receive disability accommodations, the Disability and Learning Resource Center (DLRC) recommends that faculty include the following statement on their course syllabi. The statement emphasizes that a student's first step in discussing or requesting disability accommodations should be contacting the DLRC. Once students have initiated contact with the DLRC, their disability documentation will be reviewed and a plan for reasonable accommodations/adjustments will be made. Once accommodations are approved through DLRC, students will receive a letter(s) outlining approved accommodations that they must present to their instructors before any accommodations are implemented. The DLRC will work with the instructor as needed to implement the approved accommodations. Instructors should encourage students who report disabilities to come to the DLRC and should not approve, deny, or provide accommodations/adjustments themselves. Instructors are encouraged to contact staff at the DLRC at any time (see contact info below) with questions about these statements or about the provision of accommodations to students with disabilities.

Syllabus Statement for Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities:

SAIC is committed to full compliance with all laws regarding equal opportunities for students with disabilities.  Students with known or suspected disabilities, such as a Reading/Writing Disorder, ADD/ADHD, and/or a mental health condition who think they would benefit from assistance or accommodations should first contact the Disability and Learning Resource Center (DLRC) by phone at 312.499.4278 or email at DLRC staff will review your disability documentation and work with you to determine reasonable accommodations. They will then provide you with a letter outlining the approved accommodations for you to deliver to all of your instructors.  This letter must be presented before any accommodations will be implemented. You should contact the DLRC as early in the semester as possible.  The DLRC is located on the 13th floor of 116 S Michigan Ave.

DLRC Support and Information Available for Faculty and Departments

Faculty are encouraged to contact DLRC anytime to discuss the following:

DLRC staff are available to give presentations at departmental or other meetings, on a wide range of topics related to support of students with disabilities at SAIC. Presentations can vary in length and the topic(s) can be tailored to the needs of the department. A few examples of presentation topics include:



Please do not hesitate to contact the DLRC Director should you have any questions or concerns.

Valerie St. Germain, Director
Disability and Learning Resource Center
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
116 S. Michigan Ave. 13th floor
Office: 312.499.4286
TTY: 312.499.4287