Looking to apply to be a Resident Advisor? Applications for the Fall 2018 school year will open late in the Fall 2017 semester. Check back then for more details.

Resident Advisors
162 North State Street Residences

Sun Kawazoe
5th year Undergraduate, Designed Objects/Sculpture.
Senior RA, Staff Development
Elaine Wu
4th year Undergraduate, Interior Architecture.
Senior RA, Nuveen Center for International Learning
‌Maleny Lopez
4th year Undergraduate, Animation, Painting and Drawing.
Senior RA, Diversity and Inclusing
Caroline Buttala
3rd year Undergraduate, Art Education.
RA, 5th floor
Aspen Stanley
2nd year Undergraduate, Sound/Film.
RA, 6th floor
Skyler Sun
4th year Undergraduate, Viscom.
RA, 7th floor
Boyoung Nam
Boyoung Nam
3rd year Undergraduate, Designed Objects.
RA, 8th floor
Amanda Campbell
Amanda Campbell
4th year, Undergraduate, Fashion/Viscom.
RA, 9th floor
Anita Chen
Anita Chen
3rd year, Undergrduate, Sculpture/ Art Administration. 
RA, 10th floor

Connor Fenwick
2nd year, Undergraduate, Photography and Writing.  
RA, 11th floor

Yuri Yuan
3rd year Undergraduate, Painting and Drawing.
RA, 12th floor
Jess Glass Walsh
3rd year, Undergraduate, Interdisciplinary.
RA, 13th floor
Elle Hawley
Elle Hawley
2nd year, Undergraduate, Fashion.
RA, 14th Floor

William Lee
3rd year, Undergraduate, Photography & Visual Communication.
RA, 15th floor
Kian Wong
4th year, Undergraduate, Interdisciplinary.
RA, 16th floor

Resident Advisors
Jones Hall

Rafael Huerta
4th year, Undergraduate, Painting and Drawing/Designed Objects/ Sculpture.           
Senior RA, Residence Hall Exhibitions
Jayla Neely
3rd year, Undergraduate, Art Education.
Senior RA, Health and Wellness
Wilson Allen
3rd year, Undergraduate, Viscom.
RA, 3rd–4th floors
Neha Bhat
2nd year, Graduate, Art Therapy.
RA, 5th–6th floors
Grace Kromah
2nd year, Undergraduate, Photography and Curating      
RA, 7th–8th floors
Louisa Zheng
4th year, Undergraduate, Architecture.
RA, 9th–10th floors
Gabriela Sacconi Gaby Sacconi
5th year, Undergraduate, Fashion Design.        
RA, 11th–12th floors
Suzie Newmann
2nd year, Graduate, Art Therapy.
RA, 13th–14th floors

Resident Advisors
The Buckingham

Rhavin Haynes
3rd year, Undergraduate, Art Education.           
Senior RA, Civic Engagement
Ricardo Cobian
3rd year, Undergraduate, Sculpture and Animation.
RA, 7th and 10th floors
Sala Johnson
3rd year, Undergraduate, Photography.
RA, 8th and 11th floors
Alex Absell Alex Asbell
4th year, Undergraduate, Painting and Drawing. 
RA, 12th floor
Sarah Pramuk
3rd year, Undergraduate, Fashion.
RA, 13th and 14th floors
‌‌Tisha Auguste
2nd year, Undergraduate, Viscom and Painting.           
RA, 15th floor
Ann Woo
2nd year, Undergraduate, Interdisciplinary.      
RA, 16th and 17th floors
Eseosa Edebiri
4th year, Undergraduate, Fiber and Material Studies.  RA, 18th and 19th floors

Professional Staff

Abigail Holcomb‌‎
Abigail Holcomb
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs for Residence Life
Emily Alvelo
Director of Residence Life
Lovey MarshallLovey Marshall
Assistant Director of Residence Life
Dan Barker
Assistant Director of Residence Life for Housing and Summer Programs
Danielle Durbala
Hall Director, 162 North State Street Residences
Katrina Tan
Trina Tan
Hall Director, Jones Hall
Danny Boucher
Danny Boucher
Hall Director, The Buckingham
Ashley Gaddis
Ashley Gaddis
Housing Coordinator,
Residence Life