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Resident Advisors
162 North State Street Residences

Sun Kawazoe
4th year Undergraduate, Designed Objects/Sculpture
Senior RA, Diversity, Inclusion, and Civic Engagement

Violet YinV‌iolet Yin
4th year Undergraduate, Painting and Drawing.
Senior RA, Nuveen Center for International Learning

Loren IbachLorén Ibach
4th year Undergraduate, Fashion Design.
Senior RA, Health and Wellness

Kaleigh Suddarth
4th year Undergraduate,
RA, 5th floor

Jayla Neely
2nd year Undergraduate, Art Education.
RA, 6th floor

Gabriela SacconiGaby Sacconi
3rd year Undergraduate, Fashion Design.
RA, 7th floor

Maleny Lopez
3rd year Undergraduate, Animation, Painting and Drawing.
RA, 8th floor

Ally Pockrass
4th year Undergraduate, Art History, Theory, and Criticism/Research-based Art.
RA, 9th floor

Rafael Huerta
3rd year Undergraduate,
Designed Objects / Painting

RA, 10th floor

Elaine Wu
3rd year Undergraduate, Interior Architecture.
RA, 11th floor

Patrice BarnesPatrice Barnes
3rd year Undergraduate, Exploring.
RA, 12th floor

Rhavin Haynes
2nd year Undergraduate,
Art Education.
RA, 13th floor

Kian Wong
3rd year Undergraduate,
RA, 14th Floor

Jace Hill
3rd year Undergraduate, Sculpture.
RA, 15th floor

Kae Flester
4th year Undergraduate, Writing.
RA, 16th floor


Resident Advisors
Jones Hall

Tessa Edgren
4th year Undergraduate, Painting and Drawing.
Senior RA, Residence Hall Exhibitions

F‌reddie Lambright III
4th year Undergraduate, Painting and Drawing.
Senior RA, Diversity, Inclusion and Civic Engagement

Rod Sawyer
3rd year Undergraduate, Photography.
RA, 3rd–4th floors

Suzie Newman
1st year Graduate, Art Therapy.
RA, 5th–6th floors

Weronika Malek
4th year Undergraduate, Painting, Drawing & Art History.
RA, 7th–8th floors

Louisa Zheng
3rd year Undergraduate, Architecture.
RA, 9th–10th floors

William Lee
2nd year Undergraduate, Photography & Visual Communication.
RA, 11th–12th floors

Yuri Yuan
2nd year Undergraduate, Painting and Drawing.
RA, 13th–14th floors

Resident Advisors
The Buckingham

Majenta Strongheart
3rd year Undergraduate, Designed Objects/Sculpture.
Senior RA, Staff Development, Training, and Recognition

Lydia Han
4th year Undergraduate, Fibers, Material Studies, and Printmaking.
RA, 12th–13th floors

Sala Johnson
2nd year Undergraduate, Photography.
RA, 14th floor

Ricardo Cobian
2nd year Undergraduate, Sculpture and Animation.
RA, 15th floor

Caroline Buttala
2nd year Undergraduate, Art Education.
RA, 16th floor

Eseosa Edebiri
3rd year Undergraduate.
RA, 17th floor

Sumin Kim
3rd/4th year Undergraduate, Sculpture, Fiber and Material Studies, and Film.
RA, 18th–19th floors


Professional Staff

Abigail Holcomb‌‎
Abigail Holcomb, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs for Residence Life
Michael Blackman‌‎
Michael Blackman, Director of Residence Life

Ray Mattila, Assistant Director of Residence Life

Dan Barker
, Assistant Director of Residence Life for Housing and Summer Programs

Danielle Durbala, Hall Director, 162 North State Street Residences
Katrina Valera
Katrina Valera, Hall Director, Jones Hall

Roy Rodriguez, Assistant Director of Campus Life

Caitlin Sullivan-Reid, Residence Life Programs Assistant

Dio Aldridge, Hall Coordinator,
The Buckingham